From A Love Letter To My Married Lover

I spread your legs and while they part eagerly, your smile betrays your satisfaction – you are my toy, but in your submission you have forced me to submit and I plunge my needy **** into you desperately seeking satisfaction in the hot home of your ****. I moan loudly as I thrust myself in and out delighting in the joy that titillates every inch of my ****. Your hot ***** is squeezing me and trying to milk my **** as we moan together in passion and lust. My breath is short and frenzied while my hips drive me to carelessness – I feel my ****** building from deep in my balls and though my mind tells me to stop so that I can enjoy your lovely legs, my **** is in command. Deeply thrusting into you I press my lips to yours and kiss you with the frantic need of a man on the edge. You take my tongue briefly then throw your head back as your ****** begins to rush through you. With my mouth on your neck, a deep groan of ecstasy fills the room and you feel a hot squirt from my throbbing member. Deep in your *****, our juices are mingling and my **** is pouring out my lust. I pull you tightly to me and hug you with all of the depth and power of my pleasure. A final deep thrust and a final throb of my **** and we collapse together to share that special moment of bliss that can only be found in this spot and this time… and we laugh softly in our delight…
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10 Responses Jul 30, 2010

I also thank you for this. Thank you for sharing

Thanks. We ended up having several very good times. She has grown a lot as a sexy woman and has even let me photograph her. I've decided that I like her very much.

Thank you. She enjoyed it as well.

This story ROCKS! You are sooooo very eloquent! I can see myself right there in your words!<br />
Please write more!

Thanks. In some ways I think I am.

You are good for them.

Then they meet the real me, fairly handsome but not nearly as eloquent and gracefully tongued as my keyboard makes me seem.

Thats ok....You certainly know how to put the whole experience in to words

Glad you enjoyed. Thank you for taking time to comment.

WOW...this is just what being with my lover is like