A Friendship Might End

Myself and my cousins have graduated at the same school before summer. We started talking, got close, and gotten to know each other well, last year. These names are fake, I added them so the reader won't get confused, much.
Fall is now approaching-
I checked my myspace recently and (a girl two years younger than us) Charolette's status said ''comment and say agree if you don't want (my cousin) Ann to come back to our school'' a few minutes later Charolette's classmate said ''agree. lol, so your going to be a bully now?'' and nothing else was posted later.
I asked my sister to check it just to make sure i'm just imagining it somehow, it was really there. We went off topic after that. (ignore the fact we went off topic.)

Then I talked to my other cousin Casey, telling her about the status. She didn't believe Charolette would do that. Then she started talking about her friend that called her a ''player'' through an online chat. This made her think she was a ****. I told her don't believe any longer and that ain't true. Along with that jerk and how I would kicked their *** and pumble them with a baseball bat ( i don't really do this). And they would probably do the same thing, after one relationship dies 3 months later she would get into another. but Casey knows the person for a while now. It's not like getting into a complete stranger. She then later on told me our cousin Ann told her that. I told Casey she was joking but she didn't believe it, and left.
Earlier I was saying I would enjoy and beat the person that insulted her. Now that I found out it's family I started convincing her don't be upset and all. And it didn't mean at all, and protected the person that insulted her. And after knowing that detail this might also ruin our friendship too
Tomorrow me and my cousin Casey is suppose to meet at our old school to hang out and help, but then it's kinda akward now. I have no idea if i should go. Not quite sure if Ann is going at all.
I even told Casey, that Ann put up an apology as her status towards her that it was a bad choice of words. Now Casey doesn't even want to bother with myspace now.
I would've told told Ann about Charolette's status but she logged off before i decided to tell her and i didn't want to leave a message because i wanted to reply straight forward instead of minutes, maybe a day later.
I understand that Casey is upset I'll let her be like that since she's stubborn I accept that of her. But their friendship might end I want to fix this situation.
Since I don't want our friendship ruin, or have that akward feeling and avoiding each other at family parties. And we don't involed our parents in these. Plus these two are like sisters to me, I even told them this months before.
Talk about having your family's back. I screwed it up more.
Ellen321 Ellen321
Aug 11, 2010