Im A Screw Up Socially........

Even online, I worry about what I have said will people leave because of it, will they attack what I have said, will they take it the wrong way, will they get confrontational with me and then I try to over compensate and explain everything and..........Im just a screw up.
Mostly when talking about myself but sometimes it can be random things also. 
When I have felt this happening and once I have been all awkward and whatever then I retreat within myself just feel like a bit of a loser to be honest.  I know none of this is logical but its how I feel.   If I really really want someone to stay around cause I enjoy talking with them so much it can get worse for me also.   *sigh*  (shakes head)
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Believe it or not I can be a little sarcastic and sometimes what I say is taken out of context. Then I have to say I am only joking or explain what I meant.

Im not much better im a little bit of a screw up also.

you sound just fine to me

Dont not going anywhere quick