My Lover Is A Policemen

My husband wanted me to take a lover and after the initial shock of his admission we talked long and hard about what he wanted.....Finally i agreed but it would be up to me who i saw....Well i work for the police in the control room and you always get them coming in and flirting and chatting you up and one of the younger traffic officers i did take a fancy too.....Four months on now he is bedding me and my husbands gets off to that fact especially knowing its a policemen that is my lover.
SuzyUK SuzyUK
36-40, F
7 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Thanks for your story, Suzy. Very honest!

Your sure are a very hot woman

Thank you for yor comment xx

Why are you one then?

Yes my husband says he is jealous at times but he says thats all part of the feelings and emotions that he gets to go through.

A wonderful deal for all involved then.

Usually once a week,it depends on our shifts