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Horny Preachers Wife

It all began helping her at her house when her husband was out of town. We walked through the house as she was showing me around. seems like she was always rubbing her hand against my **** " accidentally" as we walked down the stairs to her basement she reached behind grasping my ****. we sat down on the sofa and she instantly got undressed and kneeled down to pull out my **** and began giving me a blow job. my paints got pulled off and we began to ****. after her begging for me to **** her in her *** i penetrated. my **** has never been this swolen or this thick. we ****** for about 1 1/2 hours.
walker10154 walker10154 36-40 10 Responses Apr 21, 2011

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I have had, over many years, three women who were preachers' wives. Each was hot and unique in her own way. It was the best I ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed each one.

Did the preacher's ever find out you where having sex with their wives.

I think one suspected.

At least you have the memories of those sweet ladies. Their husbands where tending to the flock more then they where tending to their wives

One of them had not had sex in a year. She was a nympho.

Damn. I don't care if he was a man of the cloth or not. He should have kept his husbandly duties up to part with his preaching

Yes. She was so frustrated sexually. She had all the right stuff in all the right places. She about drove me crazy. This was over 30 years ago, but I still remember it so well.

All of these ladies you had your way with. Did you ever have sex in their church.

Yes, with one of them. I dared one of them to got to church without her panties on one Sunday. She said she had never dreamed of doing that. I suggested she take off her panties, and just wear her pantyhose. She was very embarrassed, but was daring, and did it. After church she told me that she felt quite naked at church. Her husband never knew.

So one of them you dared one of them to go Clamando. That is sweet she did that for you. I hope your ****** her good. Did you ever have sex with any of them in their husbands office or in the chapel.

Yes, I had one of them in her husband's office. One of them I took to an x-rated theater in another city one day. She had never been to a place like that. She was shocked at what she saw, but was so much aroused that she had an ****** while sitting there without ever touching herself. It was quite an experience.

That is naughty . Christening her husbands office. I hope you left a mark on his desk or broke some of the office furniture.

the other one you broke out her shell by taking her to the theater. Maybe she goes to them more now. I think all of those woman where egger for you

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I understand this.

You have a perverted imagination. This story is a made up lie from your perverted mind.


Yes, maybe it is more prevalent than we all think. I ****** our Vicar's wife and we both enjoyed every minute, she spurted cuntspunk like no other girl I have ever ******. See my story entitled 'I ******* the Vicar's wife in the Vicarage potting shed' - enjoy !!

It may be more common that one thinks. I have known of two preacher/wife couples who have an open marriage. The preacher gets any he can and she gets any she can, yet they both are the pillars of the church. When I was in college, it was well known amoung the young guys that the preachers wife was haveing affairs with some of the college guys. I never had the opportunity but a friend of mine did.

So keep screwing that preachers wife. If she has a legal age daughter start on her to. Move the sex out of her house to your church. Christen his desk with your and his wife's love

So keep screwing that preachers wife. If she has a legal age daughter start on her to. Move the sex out of her house to your church. Christen his desk with your and his wife's love

was it only once or did you make it a regular thing?

I screwed my old preacher's daughter... but never a preacher's wife! I would've thrown it in her as well though! LOL!<br />
<br />
Good job!

maybe yo should have also done the preacher's wife while the daughter watched or join in

Oh trust me - that thought crossed my mind MANY MANY times! Her mom and her sister... a SWEET MFFF. My gawd! I'm getting hard just thinking about it! Mmmmmmmm hmmmmm

Why let that cross your mind. GO OUT and nail those three lovely women.Even better if you can get one of the other women to help you seduce them into it.