Today I Suck At My Job...

Why is it that when you plan so hard for something everything goes wrong? I got a big job and planned for weeks leading up to it and on the day I had a big argument with my bf and everything just didn't go according to plan. Well not quiet, things started out ok at first then at the critical moment, i made so really bad errors (my poor judgement). I am great at what i do but do to one thing i missed i totally made a mess of this job and i am so disappointed in myself. I work in video production and on the night one of my batteries failed. I brought spares but on the night, somehow some waste paper was thrown on top of it and i couldn't find it. I looked everywhere apart from there. I don't know what to tell my client that i missed a critical part of the day! I suck today and can't go back and correct it.

I am feeling gloomy and darn disappointed in myself and don't know how to get positive again after this.
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

I understand exactly how you feel, these situations are frustrating & downright unpleasant but you will bounce back. Hope it happens soon.