How To Meet Your Perfect Dream Love / The Elusive Butterfly

If you have been fantasizing about meeting your perfect dream lover, others might tell you to just stop dreaming, but that is not my advice for you today. Rather, I suggest that you take out a notebook and pencil, and jot down all the qualities, physical and spiritual; sexual, temperamental and personality-wise, that you would like such a person to possess. Don't be shy about it, just pretend that you are laying out the specifications for something marvelous that you are about to create. In fact, this is actually what you will be doing, and -- dare I say it -- you are going to go the distance and use a subtle, unique form of wizardry to bring your creation to life!

The next step is that you may need to work on your self-esteem just a little, and affirm your belief in what you are doing, so that you feel absolutely confident, even expect, that you will soon meet that person. It is helpful at this point to do some meditation on a daily basis in which you will repeat the process of creative visualization and also ponder the concept of unconditional love, from which you may sadly have become so far removed that you have almost forgotten what it is, but you must re-kindle it in your heart and learn again to give it as well as receive it, if this enterprise is to be a success.

You should now keep your eyes open, because just when you least expect it, that person, who is everything you dreamed about, might just materialize out of the whirlwind, step out of a cloud perhaps, or more likely just show up at a bus stop, supermarket aisle, neighborhood park or what have you. One never knows... How it happens is not really all that important, only that what you have wished for has been fulfilled.   

   The Elusive Butterfly

Whatever setbacks you may have experienced lately, be they large, small or catastrophic, must be set aside for the moment if you are to be in the correct frame of mind to make this work. Also, I personally find a certain popular song from the 1960s called "Elusive Butterfly" to be very inspirational as well, to get into the right mood. Actually, to tell you the truth, inspirational is a vast understatement when it comes to the way I feel about this song.
"Across my dreams, with nets of wonder, I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love."
So hauntingly beautiful is the poetic imagery that -- dammit, I think I'm gonna cry. Just see for yourself and check it out HERE:

       Mabel Iam

Finally, last but not least, I would like to give a tip of the hat to a woman named Mabel Iam (not sure if that's her real name) who is a bestselling author, a psychotherapist and expert on relationships. The idea for this was inspired by an article she wrote in a Valentine's Day edition of "Natural Awakenings". You can read more about her by visiting her website at

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Well Annada, I don't really take it 100% seriously but rather look at it as a kind of positive thinking that can empower you by bolstering your confidence and your expectations.