But Don't Seem to Find Myself

You know the expression "be yourself", fine, but who am I?

I've been searching all my life, looking for "it" or at least something.

Rather soon I lost any religian I had, I don't believe. And Darwin is soooo logical, evolution is sooooo obvious, I don't understand how so many people still can believe in a god...

I've read the big classics, Tolstoy, Gogol (love his writings), Nabokov, and others...

I've been into philosophy, here I did find an interesting person; Epicurus, ofcourse only very little of his writings survived... my luck! Still, I would like to see myself as a epicurian (I TRY to be!)

Ive been east, I've been west, a bit north and a bit south, but I didn't find myself whilst travelling.

I've done photoshop and indesign, now I do some photographing.

But I have not met myself.


denTom denTom
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Went to find myself. If I get back before I return, please tell me to wait. <br />
I think finding yourself is a myth. People change by their very nature, to decide who you are is to try to lock yourself into one moment in time. Its all about the exploration.