The Odyssey Continues.

For as long as I can remember I have searched high and low for that elusive butterfly, that hidden revelation, that piece of arcane knowledge, that drug, that woman the Odyssey continues and time goes on

Yet it is like a song in the back of my mind driving me on. Once I thought it was the hunger. But now , I realize that they are not the same although they are somewhat related.

Would I know it if I walked past it or tasted it or her, or took it? Truly time and again I know that I hunger for that which I cannot have. Or at least not at this time.

I wonder if the simple taboo of certain things draws us ?  Or are some just wired differently?

Introspection can be a daunting path for one such as I . My somewhat tedious grasp on reality as defined by the larger amount of my fellow bipeds. Demands that I not lie to myself. This creates stress because my outlook on a lot of things differs so widely from what is expected, sic normal.  I know the expected answers, I have mouthed them oft enough when I had to , military, etc etc. Yet I know it is not my way?  I am here but so often feel as If I do not really belong,

I truly feel we are all part of a great oneness, but not all from the same part of the of it?

I know they do not see what I see, because my art, is not their art.

Somewhere in this ole hearty of mine , I'm smokin dope an drinking good wine ,

and listening to the songs of time,

as death slowly wends her way closer to me.

Come a lil closer dear, put your sweet lips right here, Of you ,I have no fear, Come on darlin share my herbs an wine.

All in all I say it's been a good ride , hooray, but there are things I'd do differently,

  if only I could go back in time!

There are so many parts of me will they all be together in eternity? Will, I at last find what I am looking for ?



Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
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Will, I at last find what I am looking for ?<br />
>>> I did! It's called happiness and this guy showed me how to get and KEEP it<br />
<br />
google: Barry Neil Kaufman darlin, just smile... one day it will be right, i can only hope

It is so wonderful when you find the discipline or whatever that makes the difference in your life and calms you down and gives your soul the substance you long for. I wish that for all of us here. Mox

I also hungered for something that always seemed just out of reach. I could smell it, feel it, nearly touch it, but yet never get my hands on it. I found it later when I gave my heart to the Lord. God gave me peace, the peace that Jesus has left for all of us when He ascended to heaven.

"There are so many parts of me will they all be together in eternity?"<br />
<br />
Perhaps we are pure energy and we will ALL be together as part of the cosmic conciousness....<br />
Vibrating in unison<br />
Huh?<br />
Oh.<br />
Sorry.<br />
<br />

Yes, you will if you persevere.<br />
Hugs to you, Charmer...

Intellectually I accept that peace and oneness are there for us all the time. I can tap into this in the mountains out away from it all. listening to the trees sigh at night and the wee animals rustleing around. I feel part of and love for all. But alas, tis at least for me it is a transient state . <BR>I fought this notion for a long time , but we strive against our troubles and streach and grow in the process. Isn't always pleasant. But that too is part of it all.<BR>Thanks for the kind thoughts and encouragement!<BR>Dx

All that is of the cycle of Life exists because that is the law of the Universe. <br />
<br />
WE learn to flow within the law of the Universe and accept the natural gifts found in that flow.<br />
<br />
Carp lend substance and beauty to the flow of their Universe while they swim, mate, eat, and breath, develope or die. <br />
<br />
We are different but not greater or less than they.<br />
<br />
Their immediate universe is part of our personal universe, and all of our little spaces work together to fulfill the entirety of The Universal Truth. <br />
<br />
Worry not. The birds do not spin or weave or gather in the harvest, yet the Father provides for them all. I think Jesus knew the right way to meditate. He and Buddha must be enjoying their higher plane together now. <br />
<br />
I enjoy meditating on their lives and philosophy so much, it brings peace to all of my being!<br />
<br />

Oh Radiant - I totally agree with you. Buddhism changed my life. I joined the chanting Buddhists - the only ones I knew in my area. I still use that chant when I'm upset, anxious or just happy. Buddhists are the happiest people in the world I think. My dream for a long time has been to find a mate to do yoga for two. I used to have a book about it and still want to try that. I don't have a shrine anymore - life has been a bit upset for me - but I plan on having one again soon and will be practicing meditation and chanting again. What meditation and chanting does it put your brain outta gear, into neutral for awhile. What a relief from thinking and searching all of the time. Being in the moment - Being Here Now - a great boon to mankind. Moxie

Truely Mountainman, what are you doing with all this thoughtful self checking?<br />
<br />
Since your mind tends to do this now and then, you might find guided meditation will get you closer to yourself and to finding what you want. <br />
<br />
The 8 fold path of Buddhism and daily meditation on these has helped me to focus, find the turth, accept what I am and what I want to be, and transform me into a more peaceful mind. <br />
<br />
I believe we are what we think and what we do. <br />
<br />

You've made a very poignant and poetic question. It is beautifully written and needs to be read more than once to really get where it needs to be - so deeply heartfelt. And if I read it again right now, I'm sure I'd have more to say than this about it. Moxie

I beleive I might indeed be able to make a different version of time and that time is like a onion many la<x>yers existing at the same time.<BR>I wish I could blame my mistakes on having to follow someone elses script but alas, Tis not a feat I can perform in all honesty. Thank you for your kind words. <BR>Warm fuzzies upon yaz,<BR>Dx