Hey Eps I'm Feeling Lonely Here

Míša Šíša Aulická & her group "I hate menstruation" is the first brave woman

of facebook to participate with support from Va'Shon (the man)   Tyree Moore

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periods are so bad for me, I`m usually active and always move around but when I get them I feel lazy and sleepy and I get dizzy whenever I move

periods aren't so bad if your active and move around like biking or whatever before you get them,it helps avoid pms pains.

"Avarice" is Euro English, "channeling" is California English and without exposure of spirit channel tyranny their excuse will always be that persons made their choices . There are many ways to say something valid. I've been thinking I should send Stephanie a check to encourage her to make more videos, what do you think? It is a search for woman as political rescue

Berlusconi, no worries on the questions , I had no sisters or complaints of menstruation from girlfriends, I never heard of it as a form of spirit channel malevolence until recently. In fact I was crania fked into thinking of it as a cleaning. The nose metaphor is most effective because similarly they sometimes bleed for no apparent reason

If you punched a man in the nose till it bled 3-5 times a month it wouldn't be long before he was giving you head and doing your laundry would it? It's oppression coercion from the worst psychopath avarice ultra chauvinist, He is creating a split for a divide and conquer of natural biology for avarice and military etc

obviously you don't suffer much, some women almost pass out from the pain blood is blood and eggs are eggs and menstruation is fundamental avarice misogyny