My Sadist Nurse

Her name is Nelly is beautiful and sexy and extremely sadique.Un day she tells me about the castration.Puis what she said would cut off my **** while I *********** for me jouir.Donc bustles with his left hand fervor and his right hand it yours with a kitchen knife by pressing the blade on the basis of my sex in the érection.Trouvant it was too long before I *********, she begins to gently but firmly cut my sex and She said if you ********* I'll cut bite.j 'were to Summun my excitement when the first jet set to centimeter fifties she continued going back and forth on the knife. I had the base of the **** any striped red. She stopped and had a sourrire kissed me on the mouth! She told me I'm wrong if you cut off your ****?
serge55 serge55 46-50, M 4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

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its exciting, but TOO much and you can bleed to death



The story is true is very ecitating but is very dangerouse lol!