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I Am Girl I Cut Off Really You Balls Contact Me

i contact with 400 girls lol! alls scramers,spam,fake,no serious, day and night but:I found 2 good accepte and encounter men for castrate him,just 2 contry near Canada near ontario and England contact very difficult.If you balls contact me :
no scramers or cheating men or girls!!! ( i say at you if the link is dead because the girls is in security) and the life change quick!!!!
(comming soon my authers story i explain what girls castrate men!)
but my time is short tks!
serge55 serge55 46-50, M 6 Responses Apr 2, 2011

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i will pay, i need them gone you can do as you please with them

Have they been cut already? I will pay too

no everyone is either too far away or not willing to fulfill i have rented three hotel rooms thus far to get them done only to have each one cancel so frustrated

I guess that happens all over the world.

But before she cuts I'd like to be tortured down under. E.g. hanging upside down by my genitals and being forced to scream her to an ******. Or other great ideas I have

yes please but as you are just chicken thats the last thing im going to hear

pic of video,clik and copy in you adress bar <br />
<br /> /name/99332_CASTRATION_SNOOP.flv_123_356lo.jpg

a video fake or not i dont know? CASTRATION_SNOOP.flv<br />
you copy link in adress bar<br />
<br />
<br />

ok first girl 20 yold lol! very sympas slime, canada ▼ Toronto Island Airport she cut off balls at man!<br />
and two girl 27 yold averge very extreme sadist tortures all no limit she cut off balls at man 30 yold!<br />
Girls please contact me and say :I cut off really balls at men I love castrate him<br />
If you fantasm but no really say is not real ok i accept you!