To Whom It May Concern

Hi everyone who is reading this right now. I am 34 years old orphan from Albania. I grew up as an orphan since I was born where my father left me alone with my mother. And not long when I was 6 month my mother left me as well. I grew up all by my self and alone. I don't even know how did I survive so far. Well, when I grew up I start to search for my mother and my father. I grew in the orphanage and when I became 18 I was told to live the place and have my own life. Sometimes, I have been empty belly and eating once in 2 days. The reason why I was looking for my parents was so they at list help me a bit with money just to start my life. But, all doors where closed for me. I have found a girl in my life that I want to start my life with but afraid to have a baby because of no place where to live, raise a baby and the same time afraid that she my left me because I haven't told her that I am an orphan and have no place to stay, because once she knows it she will left me and I don't blame her, because everyone deserve to live properly and raise children where they can have them schooling.
Well, to make my long story short, all I need is some money, just so I start my life and buy a house for shelter and live with her. Please, please, if you care, i would ask you to help me.
Best sincere regards/
abrahami abrahami
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Help with money ((
My name is Alexander and gather for a wedding. The bride's parents rich, but they will pay part of the second part with me. Wedding in the spring. I need sum - 4,500 dollars.
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thank you for your respond, and I welcome it. Yes, for sure I am working but I don't make much so I can provide for what I need and ask. In time of crisis our world is living in it is not easy to find a work that pay you enough to provide. So, this is why I asked for a hand to help me just as a start, and I will continue in my own. So, waiting again for someone who can help me in order to advice me. Thank you again.

oh that was so sad.. have you tried looking for a job?