Who Gets The Most

Me and my husband have some wild and crazy times in our sexual times. He goes off to have sex nope I do not mind keeps our relationship alive. He wants me to go have a date with another guy and see what happens im game just nervous. So we have talked about going to a bar him at one end me at another and who ever approaches him he picks and he goes home with and who ever I pick up I go home with the kicker is we go back to our place and just full blown sex.
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7 Responses Jan 15, 2013

So how did it work out?

sweet for you both !

You two have a good plan for an exciting life.

You are lucky. I had a neighbour like that. I ended up in bed with them. It's a wonder and a puzzlement that this subject is so important to me even at my age. It makes life worth living.

You are added silly

Good mornin how is it there in Aust.

Are you sure you and your husband are supposed to be together?