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I've had some tough experiences in life.  But what's really helped me pull through is a martial ethic of perseverance and strength.  

I take a martial art (kung fu) and the physical exercises have so much analogy to real life.  We do stretches, lots of pushups, situps, and we also spar with full-body padding.  Everything is temporary in life, even pain (especially pain).  If you work with the pain and listen to it, you can grow and learn from it.  In fact, when you are relaxed and centered, you become an excellent fighter because you can see what you're opponent will do next and counter them purely on instinct.

I guess I feel I can overcome most challenges put in my way these days with this ethic.  The dragons and demons which most warriors face in epic poems can be seen as analogies for our everyday fears.  Once we conquer our fears, we can become better people.

Seraph1m Seraph1m
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4 Responses May 18, 2008

I think fear is one of the emotions that end up holding people back the most. Getting past fears and learning to accept what life throws at you definitely makes you grow.

Liberation is one constant battle to achieve dealing with the uncontrolable mind which can be ones best friend or ones worst enemy. One needs to find the goal and how to get there. Good luck!

Very true. I don't know of any other activity which devolops the mind and soul as much as martial arts training.

That's an awesome way of looking at life and keeping positive. =)