Heroes & Myth

Many of us are drawn to great epics - tales of heroism, heroes, feats of legend and sacrifice.

We are enthralled by worlds where moral imperatives override fear and doubt, where simple and definitive actions have the desired results, without the interfering beast of reality - the appeal is obvious and evident.

On many levels heroism is irresistible - to be driven by a sure and noble purpose, something that truly matters and is bright and pure enough to rise about even the most cynical of minds.

To sacrifice, to battle; to know that your pain and bravery has meant something; you had a reason and purpose that was right and just.

Perhaps the irony is that such heroism is there for the taking, should you chose it.

The battle for the fate of the world, and the very survival of the human race takes place every day. As do the smaller battles, against more intimate evils, the horrors we wreck upon one another. Forces of good pitted against relentless self-interest and destructive intent. We know the face of evil - it is greed, it is a lust for ever greater prosperity regardless of the cost, it is destruction without after thought, it is to proclaim that death and suffering are justified for your own gain.

I might dream of warriorhood, but I have not the courage. Will not set aside the meagre and pointless comforts of this life, the little surety that I have gathered, put down the hopes of flaccid heart. The battle rages on; my back is turned and hunched against it.
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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5 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Yeah, but do the dudes dig the scars as well...?

Battle? -Pain? No guts no glory. We all fight the good fight in our own unique way. sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. <br />
wounds heal, pain fades, and chicks dig the scars!

Ah, but we are armour wearing, sword and shield carrying ostriches!! :D Ready for some sort of battle, maybe.

DoDo, you sure your ID isn't supposed to be "Osterich" like mine should be? *defeated, sad sigh*

So you don't have the courage to brave the battlefields? But we are all warriors in a metaphorical sense in that we struggle every day to battle temptation and preserve goodness.