Some Guys Like It Too

I don't know why women are the only ones who are "supposed" to be romanced - I like being romanced too. It's nice to get gestures that let me know that people care, whether romantic or otherwise.
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6 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I hope he didn't do it all in caps...

I liked when a man I met put a note into my pocket and it said : "YOUR MINE"

yes of course ideally that's the way it should be and i'd like to see it that way more often

The words "gender equality" and "mutual" come to mind.

I think we all have a secret desire to be romanced. Just in our culture many guys are conditioned to be tough and less emotional and they are out of touch to that softer part of them.

I agree, while it's nice to be romanced, I enjoy being romantic FOR the other person. It just seems more special that way.