No Solution To My Love

I'm fairly young and I went into a relationship really fast we moved in together mostly because i was so sick of living with my parents. They are the super controlling type and I've always been more to myself anyways and independent. I agreed it would be great to live together. It turned sour fast. I found him to be a very controlling person. I felt like My opinions were constantly judged and that he wanted me to be what he wanted. Not accepting and loving who I was. We were okay after that until I felt trapped and I kissed another man. He was furious but to me I was scared of my life ending with just him in a small town forever and i drank a little too much. Not that I'm making that an excuse. Only when I thought I'd lose him I freaked and he forgave me and we continued on. Since than we fought terribly yelling, fights, and break up and making up became a regular thing. We were bothinsecure of eachother but at the same time we were so in love it didn't matter. Now I find myself tired depressed and no way out. he proposed and we're here at my parents huge house for a year to save money for when we get house to start our family. i feel like no matter what i do i'm not good enough. he argues with me and laughs at me once he sees i'm upset. His attitude never reveals his emotion and you can never tell what he's actually thinking. He lies constantly and won't admit it even when caught in his own lies, will continue with his story. At this point its been so far along how could i begin to fix what has made me so miserable all this time? therapy? No matter what I do I feel as though we're trapped.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

You owe it to yourself to leave and be happy. You can escape small towns I have done it myself. If you marry him you know you will regret it there is something better for you out there, you just have to make the effort to find it.