My First Navel Experience

I have read your story which is true and very informative. In my early college life, I faced ragging ( a kind of extreme physical and mental torture done on juniors by seniors in institutions). I was admitted in a very good college in India and was allotted a seat in a girls' hostel. A few days after our admission, at the midnight some senior girl students came and forcibly opened my room. I was subjected to severe physical and mental torture. The girls have brought a black rhino-beetle( beetle with a horn like rhino) and forcibly placed it above my navel which is very deep. Initially the beetle was reluctant to enter into my navel but after some cajoling and coxing by girls, it was interested in my navel hole and tried to force its entry inside. As the beetle was slightly oversize it was difficult for it to enter but it tried hard and suddenly slid its whole body inside my deep navel. It was very painful moment for me but the senior girls enjoyed the situation. The beetle found its way up to the base of my navel and began digging there violently. It tried to go further but the tunnel was closed by flesh and skin. After sometime the pain was unbearable as the very hard and sharp claws which acted like a automatic drilling machine, tore away my skin and the soft flesh at my navel base centre. The insect was invisible from outside but the digging was non-stop at my navel base and it was extremely violent. The senior girls were so amazed that they sometime inserted there fingers into my navel to encourage the insect to do more active digging. And whenever they pushed the insect far more inside with their fingers, the action of the beetle was more and more violent. This went for several hours and the senior girls left only at wee hours at around 5 a m.. So it was a very long session of five hour ordeal which I had to face. It was another story that I had to visit a doctor and requested to keep it a secret and got my treatment----washing with antiseptic lotions and taking antibiotic pills. The doctor said that the beetle is a totally non-poisonous insect so there is no problem if it goes inside anyone's navel. But there is chance of outside infection if there is any cut and blood comes out. In my case it was bleeding and the navel base was brutally tore so the washing and antibiotic use. If one keeps a beetle for two to three hours and wash it as well as his/her navel properly, there is no chance of any infection and it is perfectly safe.From that time I became aware of this feeling within myself.
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Love your story.keep writing more!

i wish i can poke your fleshy navel.....

A few days ago I met my old female friend of college after a long time. She was living alone in a city and working in a multinational firm. She got married but her husband was working in another city. They met occasionally. She insisted that I should stay with her that night as she was alone. But it was irony that her husband too came that night to meet her. She introduced me to her husband who was a smart handsome guy with good income. We chatted after dinner in her drawing room. The husband was very intelligent person and we chatted through the whole night. There was a very interesting thing happened during our chat which is weird to some extent. My friend during our chat told her husband about my experience with beetles in college. After knowing about this episode and also about my fetish with navel he was very much interested and wanted to try some experiment on me and my friend. My friend agreed promptly but I hesitated naturally. But both of them insisted me to undergo the experiment. They tried to find out a beetle but it was unavailable. They found out some black and red ants and one ladybug only after a hard search all around. Then the game started. For getting maximum fun, my friend was placed spread eagle on a cot and her hands and feet tied with rope. Then all the ants were inserted inside the deep navel of my friend and the navel surface was sealed properly by a tape. She had no previous experience of any kind of navel torture so she felt extreme pain when the ants bit her inside her navel. Her husband enjoyed this. But the pain was temporary. Now it was my turn. Her husband let me lie on a adjacent cot and securely tied my hands and legs with ropes. Then he placed the ladybug just on my navel. A small round glass pot was placed above my navel along with the bug. The bug was trying to flee but was restricted due to the glass pot. After a few minutes it got impatient and began to probe the depth of my navel with its antenna. After it was satisfied that it can go inside and probe further, it tried to slid itself with the help of its sharp claws. After a few seconds I felt some pain inside my navel as it (the bug) began to dig and burrow itself deeper in my navel. After a couple of minutes or so, it reached the bottom and I got the terrible sting of my lifetime at my navel ba<x>se. After reaching the central bottom point ladybug found the tunnel closed and was very much annoyed so the sting, by which it injected poison in my navel. Beetles never bit me before and there was no such feeling. But now there was a poisonous sting. It also tried to dig and burrow which was also very painful. But there were some more stings one after another and I could not bear them more although I enjoyed the situation earlier. My entire navel got swollen gradually and after an hour the experiment had to be abandoned. I was treated by my friend and her husband afterwards but it was difficult to extricate the ladybug as due to swelling the tunnel of my navel got narrower now. They had to use a sharp but slim knife to extricate the bug. First the long bladed knife was inserted in my navel vertically and the insect was stabbed then cut into pieces. In the process I also got hurt. My navel was also cut, but anyway I had to bear the pain. After cutting the insect the pieces were taken out with the help of small tweezers. Then my navel was washed with antiseptic lotion and dressed by them. Some antiseptic pills had to be taken for a few days then it was healed. But we all enjoyed a lot and I did not face any major problem as after a week I was totally normal and my deep navel was ready for more experiments.

now a days ragging is an offensive crime...but i like ur story,,,...licking

so when ur next navel experience after incident...

You will get it soon dear friend.

You'll never know when or where the depths of passion may strike. Sounds like the
bb's [belly beetles] can take one to the extremes. Excitting to learn of another sexual diversity that many woman are missing out on. And all stemming from that untapped erotic zone of the belly. Great adventure and thanks much for the story.


You are absolutely right sir.

Your experience is awesome and I like it most.

Thank you.

wud lov to c ur deep navel snaps..... Sounds yummy...

Well, I don't like torturing anyone. But I can please you by gently licking your navel, make it with my saliva and rub it through ur navel.
R u student?

Thank you sir for your interest.

Can I lick and play with your neval?

Hey, check my pics. Do u like to chat?

post more such experience seems these stories are true . i like it.

thank you

i hope you put in an official complaint about those girls...

At that time I was the junior most student and totally helpless against their group ragging. My life was at their mercy at that time---perhaps you do not know that in India, there are certain number of deaths of junior boys and girls due to violent ragging every year. Severe physical injury is also there. But due to serious public outrage the govt is trying to contain this "ragging" monster now a days.


that's just sad... sorry you had to go through it.

sad but true .

Thanks for the understanding my problem.

is that serious the problem is... it depends on the way we handle it Priya..

and dudette... add me as a frnd... wish to learn a lot from you in navel play...

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i waana **** u r navel

it was done to all urs classmates ?

I love poking too it could be naughty but not kinky if at all pain only untill it is sweet

very erotic story can i poke ur navel with pin

can u add me from where u r

oh sure----it is pleasure----



Sure, I love beetles as they are the best----

Pin is also good.

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Can u add me please n can I play wid ur navel


hi priya will u post ur navel picture with a ant or something like that with in it please........

I shall be out of my home if I do that

apology but i must say you must have a beautiful navel

hey, i would like to plat with u r navel :)


I really liked it very much, I wish I were that beetle :-). Pls add me up so we can explore more on this

woah!! I loved your story and your torment would have been a bliss to me to an orgasmic one, I am such a big fan of keeping live insects inside my deep innie and let them enjoy there stay there! What makes me curious here, did you enjoy your navel being tormented by the beetle??And how was your reaction when the little creature bit your navel ba<x>se??

yes, though earlier it was very painful but gradually I liked it and at the end I began a great fan of beetle in my navel-----yes I liked the biting and digging by the beetle inside my deep navel base-----toooooooooooooo much and do it regularly now either by myself or with the help of some friends.

Where I can find beetles let me know??The way they dig and crawl at the navel base is beyond the bliss!! Lol! May I know where do you stay?

You are right--the way beetles crawl and dig inside navel is superb---they are rarely available in cities and towns now but they are available in plenty in village side everywhere all over the world.

I stay both in Kolkata and New Delhi now a days and I find beetles with some effort for my use---

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Sounds oddly sexual and unpleasant. I'm glad it woke your navel's sensuality.

nice that you liked it.... but i did find the beetle part dangerous...... lucky that it was not poisonous...........<br />
can u add me.............i cant add u...........