Belly Model

hey everyone! im jordana..a fetish model who dopes belly punching ( puncher and punchee!) and navel fetish videos... im on here to network with other people with the same interests. please check out my newest video:

jordanamodel jordanamodel
26-30, F
3 Responses May 13, 2012

There is nothing weird about having a belly button fetish! It's quite normal and those who DON'T consider belly buttons to be sexy are the weird ones. That said, enjoy your fetish and be thankful you're luck enough to have it. Belly buttons rock!! ).(

thanks!! :-)

Hey Jordana, My **** oozes precum watching you dope yer punch ups on other *****. The way you hold your fist in the a big huge **** or a weapon of destruction.<br />
Keep at it kid, you'll have your own show within a year, I guarantee it.