He's Doing Fine


Known him since 1st grade. He was my first crush. It wasn’t till 3rd grade I notice how much I liked him. We were both so innocent. I moved to another school and didn’t see him till freshman year (during those awkward years). I liked all his friends. Totally smart and funny but sometimes cocky. Our lockers were next to each other. All though we had different friends we had classes together. It was so fun hanging out and talking to him. I don’t know why we never dated or even kiss but all I remember was my heart beating fast and a big smile on my face every time we were together. I always wanted to tell him but just left it alone. I dropped out when I got pregnant by someone else my junior year. I was ashamed and didn’t tell anyone only my close friends. I think about him always from time to time. Especially after a breakup wishing I could go back in time. Each time I would try and look him up but no such luck till recently. I was looking through myspace and emailed one of his friends. Sadly was told he was doing fine in Chicago and just had a new born baby. I’m sure his friend told him and he check out my profile. I couple my months later he opened a face book account. It was on private. I was too scared to open a facebook account. All he had up was his cute little new born and a dog. I admit I was constantly stalking him on facebook. Always compared every one I date to him. Wonder how things would be if we were to hook up. Thinking things would be so much better. Sounds funny..Well now he posted a picture with his beautiful wife,baby and dog. Makes me so jealous. I wish that was me…
AkA007 AkA007
26-30, F
Feb 22, 2009