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Run if you wish
Pray your legs will save you
Cry if you wish
Pray your tears will clean your wounds
Jump into the ocean if you wish
Pray your soul will flee with the water
But in all your passion for nonexistence
I'm praying you would stay
Us, nobodies
Here, nowhere to go
In my hands, your soul I keep
Mine, I give to you now
to you I give Half of my soul
Would you go nowhere, with this nobody, doing nothing?...

Frankenstaine 30th Sept 2011
deleted deleted 26-30 4 Responses Sep 30, 2011

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One reads this , such as I a woman who can't help but wonder what this young man has to be in such torture about, I of course wonder if he is nice looking , that got me far in my youth, so your not lonely by accident , you have designed your life to be as lonely as you are , you want to keep your distance , you seem to fragile to cry in front of this one lady, you hold even your tounge around her, is she your sister , have you a sister, is she passed, I feel I am reading someone , is it you ? Pardon me and my issue of a prompting spirit but it asked if you want forgiveness of something or to know you have her forgiveness , Is she this woman in life or one that is deseased, it may be both. I get a message that you were forgiven. She forgives you, what ever that means to you or NOT.

You are so interesting to read, an interesting young man.

I liked this one. Weird it is, but still...a quality that I like about it. Thank you.

That's really good......really really good.

this is really good, you are really good! and everything you wrote is so very very true