You Say That Like Its a Bad Thing?????

Actually I don't even bother to pretend it's a secret. I have begun to revel in it and I may be mad as a march hare ....But I'm lots more at ease in my own skin.

This is not to make light of others pain . Just the reflections of someone who has been on this path for a long while.

I look at our world leaders for instance and if thats sanity, well sign me up for the xx size rubber jacket.

They're coming to take me away ha ha  ho ho he he, To a funny farm where I can do no harm, I'll take lil green pill, that take away all the thrills.. One to make me happy larger another to make me manic small! Will level me out , so I don't scream, run, nor shout at all.

My brilliant wit will be soggy as s h i t , my experssion placid so I am told . But nae look deep with my eyes or ya'll see struggling to get out same old me!

Make peace with your inner Madman or woman as case may be. I'll accept you, If you'll accept me.

The line between creative expression and so called madness tis thin at best. Artist are valued for their abality to show us things through their eye and how many times have you seen art that touched you and moved you as if you were there at its creation or had shared the vision as well? Well, then? ;-)  hahahaha Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder! Madness is no exception.  .  . 




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4 Responses Jun 6, 2007

Agreed we are all pretending to be fine.....just fine. Hun its the world askew not us. People play rolls and pretend to be like everyone else. I am proud not to be like everyone else because they are all liars!<br />
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As for myself I never ever learned that "bullshitting *** kissing gene".....therefore do understand exactly how you are feeling.

Haha! I love it. Everyone's mad- it's us pretending to not be mad, people trying to be "normal," that make us more mad =)

"I'll accept you, If you'll accept me."<br />
~~~~~~~~~~<br />

Paint the walls of that padded room with brilliant colors and write poems all over it! You are a great madman. I prefer to call it eccentric?