Quietly Going Bonkers...

I often worry when I'm talking to someone that I've already said the same things to that person before, maybe even recently. It's sort of like thinking I have Alzheimer's and paranoically trying to mask the symptoms. I tell myself it's nonsense, but the doubts creep in all the time anyway.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2007

Could it be that you felt you were not being heard the first time that makes you repeat things? Many people do not listen so it is understandable.

Holy **** I do that, too (too often)! <br />
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Just a few days ago I had a short conversation with a coworker and, after she left, I started "remembering" having the same conversation with her just a couple of days before that. Then... my doubt and embarrassment at thinking she probably thought I was an idiot for parroting the same things over and over....<br />
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I'm not 100% certain that the repeated conversation did not happen and I'm not 100% certain that it did. <br />
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This happens all the time!

I do that too.