Voices In My Head

i have full on conversations with the voices in my head, arguments too and i regularly ask them questions and take advice from them.  but what really concerns me is ive started talking to them out loud when im walking down the street.  also i have music in my head that i start nodding my head to, playing air guitar too until people stop and stare at me
pixiedust pixiedust
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2007

this happens to me too...but with me its only one voice...its sounds alot like a mother figure...the weird part with me is that I sometimes dont have any recollection of few activities i do...

Hi Pixiedust,<br />
You are probably hosting other entities in your body and they are communicating with you. If you want to get rid of them I can direct you to a website that will show you how. If you are happy with them then thats cool too. I think i am hosting a lot of entities too, but I haven't really opened up a channel of communication with them. I guess I'm just not that in touch.

Hi emilystrange105,
I might be very ill and deranged but I have a strong feeling that I am an ‘entity’ that was put into a man’s body because he couldn’t take the pain anymore. I don’t know who I am or where I’m from but I have a powerful feeling that I shouldn’t still be here. I know how mad this sounds and part of me thinks I should really speak to the neurologist again and quick. But what if my feelings are right? What if I really shouldn’t still be here. I feel something bad will happen soon if I don’t get this sorted out. I really don’t feel as though I’m the person who I’m supposed to be even though I have his memories and am in his body. What is the website you recommended to Pixiedust?

hi daar, i've heard of that happening actually, sometimes during trauamatic situations or if someone is in intense pain, people will leave their body and another entity will take over. we are actually all entities, but it sounds like what you are saying is that you are not the original occupant. i will friend you and email you the website because ep usually doesn't allow us to email websites via comments. i think you should trust how you feel, as your feelings are usually right.

Deb: haha, i`m a stoner too & i bop along to music when im not listening to any - especially lately, since my mp3 pla<x>yer ultamitely busted and i have no more tunes, it`s a sh!tty buzz. <br />
<br />
pixiedust: i do everything you mentioned as well. Well, besides air guitar :b lol