I've always been alittle encentric, it's what everybody liked about me in school. I was loopy, but funny. Now, though, It's seemed to go overboard. I used to never have dreams, then all of a sudden I can't stop. They seem to be really odd too.

I always used to think, but again I can't stop. If I want to figure something out or debate something out in my head, I'll stay up all night to do so. Otherwise I won't be able to sleep. It'll run through my mind til I get too tired.

The sleep deprivation hasn't helped at all. When I walk down the street I feel extremely paranoid that everyone is looking at me expecting me to do something funny. Then sometimes I can hear people screaming in my head and loud (what can only be described as) crumpling metal sounds.

I also find I have balckouts. Not physically, but mentally. Then I will talk to some and they will tell me I told them the excact same thing an hour ago, but I will have no memory of it.

Am i going mad?
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I feel the same way sometimes...you are not alone :-)

that is so strange i get the same thing but in the night if i do fall asleep and i wake up i have to debate to my self wether i have really slept or just forgot and, in school i forget if i have done something i did 5 minutes ago and forget that the lesson or even the lesson ever happened by the way i am not so good at english and cannot express my point well

sweety it sounds like you are having some symptoms of a mental illness especially if your hearing voices ... thats not good they need to be medicated otherwise they dont stop and they just get louder and louder i would make an appointment with your physician and have them refer you to a psychiatrist <br />
if you need help at all with this let me know i can most likely help you find something in your area