I wonder just how much hurt and emotional pain the human heart can actually take...before it just ceases to beat.
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that was deep

a lot. I've had my fill of heart break. I think of it in reverse. the more heart break the wiser and more life

I feel I should be dead with the pain I carry. I don't have the energy for life, even the smallest tasks. I guess at least there is comfort knowing I'm not alone in suffering but still wish we could all find happiness.

Every bit of pain makes the heart stronger. Every bit of hurt makes every happiness feel so much more special.

we all are same.. :(

As a young person, throughout my short experience at life, I've come across many a hardship and along the way, I've learnt that a person can be beaten and stabbed, shot at and prodded at but at the end of the day one can still find the energy and willingness to get up off the ground when we've been pushed down so much to say, "I can, and nobody will stop me".
Love loss, heart break, relationship failure, family or friend loss, emotional ruptures, physical faults, no matter what, humans grow to believe that they're beautiful no matter what.
We also have to stop basing our self worth on whether or not someone loves us. I know, I've skipped from topic, but I believe that some of the simplest things in life that cause us pain, are routed from the things that we believe define us.
I know that, even though I'm fairly young, I have quite a lot of experience in this field of life, and along with that... If the human heart stops beating, it will have to take a lot more than a few, no's and a few love losses to stop it from beating.
For the heart to continue beating, physically and emotionally, I believe that a persons mind needs to think think that, in the end, it'll all be okay.