I can't sleep. It's 5:59 am. ._.
ShantelH ShantelH
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No it's not, it's 9:48. Get your fawkin clock fixed! ssess

Stupid. I probably live somewhere else.

No you're stupid, fawkin cawk sucka. You can't travel in time. Why don't you buy a clock that works or sumtin. Little fawkin ****. tss tss

I could LIVE somewhere else! Not travel in time dumbass

Oh yeah? You're a dumbass! Piece a ****. You live in like a clock that was smashed inta your face or sumtin? tss

1) learn how to spell
2) different time lines. Dumbass
3) I bet you're just jealous.

I'm just ******* with you dude. Chin up.

Well getting bullied your whole life messes with you. And you think everyone hates you and is out to get you. And you learn people are very stupid... So okay.

You know people may think you're an ******* πŸ˜‚ Because they probably won't read all of this

That's alright, I'm not trying to impressive anyone with my chivalry and kindness skills on here.

What skills πŸ˜‚ I'm joking, I know you could be nice if you wanted to

Yeah, sometimes it's fun to be an *** though. Anyone can tell you that.


So I've read you're experiences, and I've been bullied and feel useless sometimes. I can relate with some of your ****, for lack of a better word. You can talk with me about it whenever if you want.

Okay thank you

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Hey do you have trouble sleeping a lot? If its really that bad you should talk to your doctor about sleep medication like seraquil. It helps me a lot and please just ignore those weirdos. They are probably really lonely and have nothing else to do but bother you just try and ignore them.

I don't want to take anymore pills....

Yeah I understand but sometimes pills is all we have to help our problems.

Pills don't help the problem, just makes it go away for a bit

Ha true that but this seriquil stuff really works I can assure you just ask about it if you get the chance you may be surprised.

I don't like pikls


I hated pills for the longest time too. I still don't like them that much but I learned the hard way that if you live with depression and to diside to just stop taking them..........it gets bad

Some people just have too live with the fact that they will have to take pills there entire life just to keep themselves sane.

Pills are bad for the body, if you're weak, then you should die

well I guess I can respect that

Like it was when there was no medical stuff, my mom is weak and she passed down weak geans, so now I'm weak. And I shall die

I bet your stronger than most. I know for a fact that you are stronger than a lot of people I know.

Being in pain 24/7 isn't strong, it's pathetic

I don't think its pathetic. I think even though it feels like this pain will never go away it will and even if it doesn't it will in return make you a better person and maybe when your older you can help others who are going through the same pain.

I already do that the best I can

good we need more of that in this world well I wish you luck and for the record I don't think your weak or pathetic. I think your a good person who helps others and just needs some help in return every once in a while. Keep being yourself and don't ever change for anyone.

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Well, it's 12:40 now, hopefully you passed out soon after posting that. Sucks when you can't get your rest. Now I wonder how your actual sleep schedule works. =/

I'm the same way music does help. Take a break from the internet

I'm in the same boat ;-;

But now it's 8:48 am

Aww it's 6:50 for me ;-;

Lol really? Were like 2 hours apart

I guess

.,. What does that not make you happy HiddenHuman?

I'm hide cause I'm not very social ;-;

Can we message? It feels weird talking over this

Ya sure

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Listen to piano music 😎

.-. I don't like the piano

Acoustic guitar music? C:

It's not bad

It might help you sleeps though c: either that nightcore techno kinda stoof cx

It's already 8:39 am :/

It's now 3 days later xD

4days lol

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