When no one understands you makes you seem like a nut.
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there are probably some people who could understand you. the problem is you can't talk with everyone about everything

Everyone can understand everything but only if they hear it in a way that they understand.

So i habe to dumb down what i say to people? Say less?

First you have to Learn yourself study way makes you have emotional responses what make you happy sad etc. then look at your physical responses like if you think someone is mean to you do you cross your arms and step back a lot of people do and you can see that and realize the person thinks I'm being mean then be nicer doing this throughout a conversation allows you to walk right past most peoples walls that prevent them from truly listing to you oh and if you get really good at it you can convince people of almost anything and I mean like really stupid **** like the human mind is amazingly resilient but just like the rest of the body know how to push a pressure point and you can do anything