If you think your crazy take acid when you peak have your trip sitter force you to smoke dmt when you breath out have them remind you your looking for an answer then wait when you come back you'll know everything you'll ever need to know and you'll spend the next week trying your hardest to forget it. Remember we are all ******* crazy like more then you know but just remember reality IS and that's all you need to know
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Please tell me the main things you learned on DMT. I'm beyond fascinated with such things and am obsessed with seeking the reason and meaning and truth of everything. I've had many out of bodies and crazy lucid dreams but it seems they just create more questions than answers.

We all have closed minds to that world and no matter what I tell you even if I showed you what I saw you couldn't comprehend it unless your there in that place in that state of mind. Salvia is actually a great looking glass and it's legal in some places get 50x fill a small bong half full of water take a little hit you'll feel like your being pulled and you can't stop laughing when it starts to die down do it again on the 3rd hit empty the bong of water and take a huge hit but remember you gotta go in with the mind set of teach me something don't look for an answer just watch and listen and when you come back just start talking about what you saw or you'll forget it within 5 min. While tripping on salvia I was at a party (all of this was in my head my body was pinned against the fridge and my girlfriend was hugging me trying to get my attention) with amazing lights I walked around and met a girl she said welcome home smiled and at that moment I go oh **** this isn't real Hu? And **** hit the fan. About a month later I went to my first rave foam wonderland and walked around this awesome party with cool lights I plur with a girl in the group and after she puts the Kandi on my arm she looks at me and says welcome home... I had seen and done that exact moment before and was ready for the **** to start flying like it did in the trip but instead of saying this isn't real I went with this is amazing and bam everything changed to the drop of nrg by skrillex everything was neon and beautiful the music was amazing .
Dmt is a different animal I met a beautiful man and couldn't describe him because nothing on earth resembles him but as I stare at him in amaze meant he looked at me and said how did you get here? I couldn't say anything and he got closer asked me my name again I couldn't say anything to aw struck he starte laughing saying "your kind is so easly amazed" and then like taking a step back and as you do reality shifted to a completely new one. I have yet to experience ego death no matter what I've taken my thoughts have stayed fluid and lucid in moments of hell I've been able to talk myself through it but I haven't heard or know anyone els who this happens to most people lose there memory an can't form a sentence in there head so they get extreme panic attacks remember that before trying any of this there is a good chance taking acid will result in bad moments one for me was I was stuck in a loop meaning the same moment played out in my head over and over and over and over for what seems like hours only to come to find it was less then a second in real time so be aware of that to and when it happens look for changes in the scene like your friends shirt will change colors **** like that looking for those changes takes your mind off of freaking out and on to problem solving also the most you'll learn is from bad trips good trips = questions bad trips = answers to said questions.

Fascinating! I'd like to friend you on here and talk more about such things on the messenger thing :)

That gorgeous man you described seems familiar somehow. I've had many crazy out of body and lucid dream experiences with similar seeming beings. Did he look human? But perfect features and strange gorgeous inhuman colors, energies, and way of acting? Have your experiences let you know who you truly are? Who all of us are? Are we eternal Awareness of infinite potential?

And did he seem made of light? Colored light somehow?

Trippy as **** how people trip the same **** right

Yes that's why I don't think trips are just strange brain activity I think they connect people to other, perhaps truer realities.

Or acid is another neurotransmitter much like dopamine or serotonin the LSD molecule is extremely close to the size and shape of serotonin and fits into 5-ht receptors just like it but much like how caffeine fits into adenosine receptors blocking them from binding to those receptors when LSD matches it blocks serotonin from binding and sends it's own message down the nerve. Perhaps LSD is simply a neuron from a different plain of existence or a different neuron for a whole different array of sense we haven't developed yet or perhaps never will or LSD could simply be a drug that high jacks our Cns by being the wrong chemical at the right the right place at the right time and people have heard story's about trips and those story's come to life on the trip an that's the coolest part we just don't know!

Do you think we are eternal beings? I hear many who take DMT and similar drugs come back knowing we all are eternal beings and these human lives we experience are just illusions. But many who experience who death in such states realize they are eternity itself, not even a being, and that all forms and separations are illusory lies.


There on the right track but keep looking and it goes deeper everyone I know that feels like they hit all the answers my self included spent the a while trying to forget it it's not an answer I want to remember also do you rave??

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