Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm crazy, the dreams I have, they should not be seen by someone my age. I just wake up with no reaction to how disturbing it was. Its really disgusting having some evil dreams and not having it affect me in any way.
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you are aware of how you should be reacting,that's makes you still quite normal

I don't know if I agree. I often find myself in situations where I react the way I think I should... therefore, it's not a real reaction. It is a calculated response. Unless everyone reacts like that? In which case nothing is real, just an illusion we have created because of what we think SHOULD BE.

You are rational enough to disagree, If the consequences of a calculated/non calculated reaction is real, why would not the reaction itself considered real? Everyone calculates, consciously, unconsciously. Everything is an Illusion, because everything is temporary, even us, But if the pain/ happiness/sadness of an illusion is real, what is illusion? and what is real?

Who says the consequences are real? If I see a dog get hit by a truck, and I think to myself, "I should cry, having just witnessed this," and you see me crying and come to comfort me.. are you truly comforting me? No, because I may or may not actually be sad.
I tend to believe that unconscious responses are the real ones. Smiling at the stranger on the street without thinking about it.. or, as so many these days do, avoiding making eye contact with the people around them. And so on and so forth. The illusion begins when you are only acting as societal expectations see fit. Or only acting against those same expectations.

The consequences are real. The dog has been hit.It is real.I see you upset. It is real.I comfort you, you may not be actually be sad.That is your choice of calculative reaction. My calculations are different from you, therefore my consequences are different, but real as well and the aftermath consequence of the whole situation too are real. We are presenting each other with reasonable opinions, are these real?

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