Sometimes i have a conversation with myself. It usually goes like ...

" You fake people into liking you, the tricks you play to get what you want. You're a fake, oh you're a great pretender. You think you're ACTUALLY talented ? HaHaHaHa, you've just manged to trick everyone that you're NOT a piece of **** ! Goodjob, piece of ****. Remember the other day when you met with your friends for dinner? You weren't having a conversation ... you were only manipulating people into asking you questions that would warrant responses that contained information that made you look good. Remember that great, interesting story you shared last weekend? You didn't
realise it then but you actually just copied something you had read 3 weeks ago by someone far, far more talented than you. You phony! You're nothing, you're meaningless. You're NO ONE ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Die in a Fire, ******* !

So now in an attempt to not have those thoughts, I have to not think. I've got to supress all thoughts. I've blanked my mind.
Shahedansharif Shahedansharif
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sounds like a drama

Hello, I talk to myself too. I have only done it twice but they have become recent and I enter a dream-like wakeful state when it happens. My conversations with myself are in second person, like another personality in my body. He tells me no one else will be there for me but he will. That we will fight them together. I am so afraid that I am losing my mind and my episodes grow worse. Maybe we can talk about our experiences and what we do about it or what it is like? I am desperate to find someone who feels similar.