I will start with what happens. I have episodes. I used to think they were panic or anxiety attacks but quickly found that that was not the case. My whole world zooms in and my mind stops functioning correctly. These episodes come and go seemingly at random. My vision zooms in and everything is so detailed. The world moves slow, and my body moves extremely slow. I drop things. My mind tells me to do rash things like run away from home, or call someone I love, or destroy my belongings. My mind is like when one is almost asleep, jumping between topics so confusingly and forgetting why I was thinking what I was thinking. Then suddenly my breathing will become difficult, as I had forgotten to breathe. Sometimes this feeling feels good at first, but usually it turns sour. I recluse myself at these times to avoid a social mishap, due to not being able to mentally function properly. Today and several days ago, my episodes escalated into conversing with myself. Like two voices and personalities were inside of me, and this new voice was very reassuring. He was brutally honest and laughed a lot, while I was so disturbed. When sober of these episodes I fear them and fear that I am losing my mind. I tell no one about these things. I post this now because I am looking for someone like me. I am looking for someone to tell me what this is. Each day it keeps getting worse. I want nothing more than to escape this.

Please help.
grayalien grayalien
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2016