I'm talking to guys and just want to talk to more and more and could so easily get caught by my husband. But I can't stop.
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so let's talk.

Don't tell anybody!!!

Don't know how they manage to talk to you!!

You must be bored with your hubby. I feel like most men focus on women pleasing them (in and out of the bedroom) and few men really care about pleasing their woman.

He knows but he's just not saying anything. It's ok. There r just certain types of women who need more attention than one man can give. Having said that, would u consider suggesting an open marriage with ur husband? Kind of a don't kiss and tell thing. That way he can have fun too, and not ending up wanting to kill himself when his suspicions prove true?.

Tried that suggestion before when we were in couple's therapy. It was a no go.

Pm me

That's s nice feeling. Living in the edge is actually the way to live.

If that's your real pic and you don't want to get caught you should definitely change it.

... lol . ? . so whats happened ?

Don't get caught tho

Haha it gets a grip on you sooner or later

The risk is part of the attraction

It must be an adrenaline, a thrill, an excitement that you get from other men, you've become addicted to the attention and more attention, that you don't receive from your own husband. It's more like a hunting game that just makes you available to get caught.

I do the same.

I would like to chat with you. Pm me.

Maybe deep down you want to get caught ?
🤔hmmmm ?


Not judging but think on that point. If you have a lot of risk to lose such as kids is this worth it. Just be you and the right person will appreciate you. I have been the chameleon changing who I was based on my job, what my mother wanted me to be despite years of bad parenting, what the church wanted me to be, what friends needed. I lost sight of who I Am and what I want or need. Don't change you to fit into a random online stranger needs. You are good enough. You can be you and that is great

You're a shining example of why no woman is worth the trouble.

I'm sure plenty are. But I'm not.

You got it backwards, plenty are attention ****** like yourself. Few aren't.

That's what I said, genius. I am agreeing with you that I'm not worth the trouble.

And I'm disagreeing with your notion that plenty are worth the trouble, simpleton. I've already experienced enough of your type.

So what do you do when you're not gay, but realize most American women are ******? I guess all you can do is live life alone.

You could move far, far away. Where all the women behave as though it's still the 1950s and the birds are always singing in the trees.

Oh... feminazi propaganda shocking. It's almost like you can't decide if you're ashamed of yourself or proud of yourself. You're right I wish I existed in an earlier time when both men weren't all pigs, and women weren't all ******.

There are millions of both sexes that are not pigs and ******. You have to change your venue. If your social world revolves around ****** and the pig guys that there after WTF? I can walk into a grocery store, any public place, and mind my own business, within 15 mins, I will have the opportunity to have a regular brief adult conversation that ends in a mutual smile 👍look you've just not been a pig, and just met a non-*****. Your not out for sex or a date with every conversation. Relax. Within 7 days, you will connect with a women that a real mutual attraction and safe feeling exists. And often, if the the smallest attraction is there for her, within 1 min of the part. She will think. Holy **** OMG he was nice and didn't start right in just truly to screw me. And with some girls that zaps a trigger and they will go nuts over you.

Right on. I don't fathom how women from 40-18 are ever able to make a good solid and loving relationship with the complete blatant disrespect, degrading, demand of submissive sex where the female is a object to perform yada. Plus, you gals ain't getting ANY intellect, common sense, views on current events. No intelligent info exchange. These young men are worthless and another drain on society we don't need

I think your problem is you buddy. Cuz i doubt you would treat a woman that fits your standers correctly.

You're right, my problem is me. Loyalty and Morality are hard to come by in today's world. I just don't fit in. But I won't sacrifice who I am to solve "my problem."

Loyalty and morality is found though. I try to have both, but my friend what I'm saying is if you found what you are looking for how would you treat them. But i must say if you treat women who don't fit your requirements poorly women who do may shy away from you. A man that is kind to you but rude to your friend is not a kind man.

Well, Im 30, I thought i'd found it a few times in the past but I obviously turned out to be wrong. If women want a gentleman they can't play to the dogs (as you see at the top of the comment tree here.) This woman is married and she's chatting up other men, you don't see anything wrong with that picture really? As a man who has been cheated on sexually, I find this post by the original poster extremely disturbing. It brings up bad memories that's for sure. I'm a Southern gentleman, I was raised right, if I find a woman who is good moral and loyal, I would, and I have treat(ed) them like Queens. Because that's what good woman deserves. A bad woman deserves the type of creeps that the original poster enjoys "chatting up" behind her husband's back. I don't think any married woman would want her Husband talking to other women, certainly not behind their back. This double-standards are simply absurd.

Who care about what or who someone talks behind you back? I can hardly care about what someone talks in front of me

If your girl was satisfied she wouldn't cheat. And I mean satisfied in and out of the bedroom. If you stop fcking her well (or never did in the first place), or stop acting like a real man, she's going to look elsewhere and I don't blame her.

My point is if you treat a person who isn't a good woman poorly then why would a good woman want you. I personally love gentlemen but to me a gentlemen is kind to even those he doesn't like. Im not saying what she did was right but she deservers kindness. We all do. And a man that is nice to some but rude to others who he doesn't agree with is hardly a gentleman.

Rebwolf. Methinks you protest to much, especially when you have an EP account. We all know what this site is about so get of you imaginary high horse you ******* hypocrite.
Matter of fact I think I'll go see mr moralities friend list. That will be interesting. You must be a lonely man.

Actually I didn't. But, people like you are teaching me what EP is about. I'll take lonely over desperate like you middle-aged perverted chuckle-heads. I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than to act like any of you goons.

Don't worry RW, it's obvious to all that read your rubbish that you'll surely get your wish of being alone for the rest of your life.

Who said I was worried? Maybe refer yourself to my first reply in this thread old man. It's funny how much my opinions **** off you pervs. Maybe i'll make a side hobby out of it. I'm not even gonna pretend I wasn't surprised when I logged in and there were double digit old men white-knighting for this ho. I was surprised, but thanks for opening my eyes to what EP is "all about."

Yet Mr Morality is still reading people's experiences.......go figure.
Yup you're fooling everyone.

Mostly yourself

Most people's experience's don't consist of cheating that I've read. Usually I can ignore people I don't agree with, but this one had hit too close to home. Enjoy your sexually immoral bubble and may God have mercy on your soul. And no, you don't have to tell me how much you don't believe. But it's about time you realize I can give my opinion on whatever post I want whether you like it or not.

If anyone chooses to post about their marital deception and I see it, I will call them on it. I don't care if a thousand middle aged white knights go after me.

And your daddy bought playboy for the articles...........*** clown red neck.
Best you pray for your own mercy.....for you seem to have issues that need addressing.

What do u mean by her living life alone?****** are part of life

Your a shining example of why people 45 and over a making alternate retirement locations. The catered to, I deserve it, no work ethic, gaming brain shift from reality, completely ignorant of politics, policies, history of the US, everyfrickin thing that my gen and up learned in school. That knowledge directly applies to the continuation of our democracy. So, let people have their own opinions. If you feel the need to argue personal opinions than you might as well be illiterate and play plant in the corner of the room, while educated people argue social views , why vote for X and not Y

Peoples opinions are not negotiable by inserting your opinion.

You sound like a wise man speaking more intelligent than others.but how come you are just a typical man who judges women by their looks?

And encourage them in doing so?

reb go away u hate women, cause ur mommy did something to you, now want all women to pay 4 for it!!


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