I have been increasingly paranoid lately. first it started off after I did a bunch of triple cs everyday for like 3 weeks and got hospitalized bc I started losing my mind. Literally. at first I thought I could telepathically communicate with people. but I was really faded then too so that doesn't count. now, a month later, I am still having paranoia that people can read my thoughts and that they are watching me through video cameras. I try and tell myself it's an irrational fear. but what if everybody else was a part of this big scheme to make me look ridiculous. and every time I danced alone or sang in the shower I was broadcasted. when people look at me funny, it almost confirms my thoughts of them knowing my thoughts and what I do in secret. I feel invaded all the time and I'm becoming more and more afraid to go outside. does anybody else have these problems ??
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You fcked up your brain chemistry. Try an all raw diet for a while and see if that helps? That's just what comes to mind first... Healing your brain. Look up what foods are the best for the brain and eat a ton of that. No processed food or anything else that will just have more chemicals.

thank you

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I do, I keep hearing voices in my head telling me to go insane things, that's why I keep myself locked in my room to avoid other people, of course I have to eat so I come out once in a while to get something to eat and drink