Madness At Its Finest

Okay, so lately I've been thinking of becoming a writer. Yes, that's mad, but that's not the half of it...continue reading. To do this, I've been thinking about going back to college. Yes, mad too, still not the half of it...continue. I've been researching colleges online, and here is a small sample of some of the browser windows I've had open over the past few days: Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, NYU, and Oxford. *nods* It's complete idiocy. Those schools are out of reach for me. I'm at best, a decent student: A's and B's, and financially, I haven't a prayer. They are impossible schools, but I want to go. It's madness, but I guess everyone has to have at least one impossible dream.

JenJenJay JenJenJay
Nov 21, 2009