Ohh Daddy

Dad you resisted for so long i told you it would be alright yes touch me, please me, take me ,pop it, its yours ,i love you i want only you, yes you were right he was wrong for me but im also right you are my one and only I have never known a better lover a better friend thank you dad for finally listening to your Daughter i love you DAD for ever and always im always going to be your little girl
daughter4him daughter4him
22-25, F
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wish you were my daughter

A beautiful expression of a daughter's love for her adored father. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have such devotion and affection from you.

sweet lil girl, love you

Mmmmm I'm jealous, love is hard to find. Be happy! !!

So very beautifully expressed from the heart daughter4him. Very happy for you and your dad.<br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />
<br />

I would LOVE to have a loving daughter like you.

mmm daddy is very happy you realise he is the only one for your tight lil body Princess

THANKS guys kissesā™„

My Pleasure angel anything for my Lil Baby

Very heart warming