I Want to Know Other's Most Wild Sexual Fantasies

i would love to hear other's most secret fantasies that they would only admit anonymously.  The dirtier the  better because I have some crazy ones myself.  I am VERY curious and VERY nonjudgmental.

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I want to be gang banged and if possible ****** in all 3 holes. My butt my vagina and my mouth all at the same time by sexy guys in their 30s or 40s

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I would be happy to share with you

Mine is for my husband to **** my face while I'm lying down playing with my ***** , while he is watching ****. That's mine tonight anyways...

My GF loves it...

suck my ***

You r rare and much desired! I am a wild thinker too and would love to experience them. I too am non judgementle and only see pleasure in whatever we indulge in. I am very raunchy.

I want to be ****** by a beautiful woman wearing a strap-on and then forced to suck a soft white **** with a woman, sharing the hot *** with her and him.

First I want to be forced to take a ***** pill. Then I want to be tied down to a massage table butt *** naked. Tied down in such a way I can't move at all. Then blind folded and ear plugs in so I can't hear or see. Then have multiple ladies use and abuse me. Making me *** over and over. I want them to sit on my face make me lick them till the are dripping wet. I want this to last hours.

Mine is easy to attained but to do in action is complicated. Im jst a regular guy living a descent life, my fantasy is a wierd and a twisted fantasy. But if possible i really want to experience this. Having a dirty gay sex experience in a dirty place. Meaning to be f***** by gay partner old, dirty, ugly, poor gays we can find in slums. To be brought to their dirty little placed and be violated repeatedly. Rape party by this kind of people if possible will be a go for me. Trying to imagine a gud looking descent guy frm a gud family wearing only tonga while doing sexy and lusty dance inside a small dirt place in slum areas with a group of old gay people living in poverty level and are hungry for s** arrouses me most. Worsen that situation entensifies my excitment. Any1?

I want to wrestle with a girl and the loser becomes the winners ***** and the loser will be tied up, gagged and ******. It's the risk of losing which turns me on.

Reading everyone else's responses is so thrilling and refreshing. I would love to experience a pre-op tranny. A beautiful woman with a beautiful penis. I have some pretty gory fantasies too but I understand these are fantasies. I watch a ton of Hentai so being raped by an Alien with many tentacles is another fantasy of mine...

My very crazy fantasy is to have a trhee some with a guy and his father :o I know it sounds very crazy but it turns me on so much :p

I have the same fantasy! Seriously it would be the best. I'm a guy but would love to have sex with a father and son, like a young guy and grey hair father but both most be sexy. The best would be for me to see them kissing and for the father to such on the sons ****, look at me and tell me how good it tastes.

i wanna hav sex with teacher

This is one of my lighter fantisys i think about all the time. I would love to be at my wifes parents house. We would all be sitting around in the lounge watching tv or somthing. Then I would have my arm around my wife and put my hand down the back of her pants. Then I would rub her *** untill I found my way to her ***** which would be wet from the taboo. I then start fingering her ***** to get my fingers all wet. I would then start rubbing her dirty anal hole with my ***** juice covered fingers. She would be getting self concious about her parents in the same room. I then proceed to start fingering her anal. Slowly sliding my wet slipery fingers 1 and 2 at a time in and out of her hole. All the while her mother trying to talk to her about random stuff and I start realy fuking her anus with my fingers and streaching her hole wide. She starts pushing back and making her pants wet from her dripping *****. Her breathing becomes more noticeable and her parents ask if she is ok while I continue with 4 fingers streaching her now she tries to respond to her mothers question but I plunge my fingers in her anal harder and she just looses all inhibition and cant talk but starts moaning and pushing her *** onto my hand. Her parents catch on and sit there with there jaws dropped looking at her and than me. I then proceed to direct her onto the floor in front of her father with my fingers still down her pants and still sliding in and out her anal. She lays on the floor and I pull her pants down below her checks and lift her *** high by her hips and show her father his dirty daughter loving my fingers in and out of her beautiful anal hole. I would do this and ask her father and mother if they would like to finger her hopefully they would and my wife could just *** and *** while we all abused her anal...

does your wife know?

Being forced to dress as a slutty woman in boots and a short skirt, then being put in a hotel room and servicing guy after guy.

So many straight guys seem to have this fantasy!!! (I do).

being seduced by a lovely women in public.....................for hours

Have you ever seen loving Annabelle or the L word its kind of like that because I am secretly a lesbian. And I am in love with an older woman that is merried to a man and she was raised as and still is a verry strong cathlic woman but i would like to sneek into her house and hide in her closet and wait until she falls asleep and then come out and tie her up to the bed then go put on a disguise go back to her and undress her and then rub her down until she wakes up and once she does she will struggle but wont be able to get away because her hands and feet will be tied up i will then start by rubbing ler **** and puting on my strap on and over the next two hours i will rotate between eating her **** sucking her ***** and craming my **** in her real deep and fast to where I just barely hit her gspot and make her *** all over the bed and then I would slowly take off the disguise bit by bit and before I take off the mask I will let my boobs show and let my hair down she will realize the person that just saticfied her beyond her wilest dreams was really a girl I will ask her if she thought her husband or I was better and when she says me I will take iff the rest of the disguise and she will realize how much I love her and she will have to dicide between the man who is never there for her but her family loves or the one person who has been trying to do every thing in their power to saticfy her in every way but she thinks her family would not aprove of

this cant really happen ever but i would love to swap bodies with my gf and i wear some sexy black leggings with leather boots and a black top with a leather jacket. Pleasure my self in her body then get her in my body to **** me in her body all while wearing the clothes. lol tho sometimes i wish i was born a girl -.-

I want a man in a military uniform to bend me over, rip off my pants and panties and spank me, then take me doggy style

oh, wait. He did! O.O it was so fun

I fantasize about having a procession of young men in front of me, each taking their turn to stroke their hard **** and watching them squirting their ***. Somthing about those amazing spurts is incredible to watch.

Hey I'm down

I started posting a story here about male chastity devices, where the woman holds the key to freedom. Posted a few chapters, never got any readers so stopped posting. Apparently too perverted for most, so have never posted the end of the story. The last real life experience in this area was so intense ... not being able to get an erection or a release in my prison, while giving my lady pleasure ... lets put it gently, insanity sets in as the days crawl by and then time stops. Afraid to go back there.

So never really had any fantasies....but I have recently been in a bdsm sexual relationship and he wants to know my deepest fantasy.....and its demanding it! HELP!!!! I need ideas! Im very romanic but lolove it rough to!

Skinny men in love with chubby chicks.

Tied to my bed being ******* fuked by my lady...

To be tied naked to a reclining table in the middle of a department store near the perfum and make up section, where my body can be used for the entertainment of any passing women. The rabble tilts so that my fce can be sat on as I oral please any woman who so wants or needs it and to have me **** used for there complete enjoyment.

Being attacked by a wild polar bear as i slit the throats of two innocent children while a mexican gardener is hooking up with a lamp as i jack off. All the while a small panda bear is being eaten by a group of cannibals forced to eat non-human meat who are all orgasming simultaneously, but are missing their sex organs. This is all going on within a small snow globe, within a giant world where woman have vaginas on their elbows and having sex breaks their arms over and over. All the while im dreaming this whole situation, while an angry penguin is giving me a blow job.

This made me lol!

I have very taboo fantasies. I'm a very non-violent person, ethical person in a position of power. I hate bullies with a passion. But I get really turned on by three fantasies. Forced sex (different from violent rape) where I am the dominant, ****** and gay sex where, this time, I'm the submissive.<br />
<br />
The forced sex fantasy is the most prevalent. I imagine forcing someone I know into reluctanct sex, not by physical force, but by a power where they are unable to resist. The resistance is very slight but there is a lot of verbal whining and pleading that just turns me on. I've always had this fantasy and love to role play this. There is a big difference between fantasy and reality. In reality, I can't stand seeing someone suffering or in pain. In fantasy, the total lack of reality makes it arousing.<br />
<br />
The same is true for my ****** and gay fantasies. I'm very straight but I have had times as a very young boy that I had a crush on other boys. I was bullied as a child and I get turned on by the idea of being forced by a dominant mail.

Obviously it can't happen, but it's kind of an extreme foot fetish, where I'd detach a woman's feet at the ankles(without blood or gore of course) and use them to J/O. The feet would still move and wiggle as if they were attached, and there would be smooth skin over the detached surface.

Thank you. Here's another, somewhat less crazy one that I may write as an erotic story someday.<br />
<br />
I'm in grad school and desperate to make a little rent money. Sadly, there aren't many jobs available in this economy, and most of the ones that exist have been taken by fellow students. Eventually, I hear about this rich lady who's looking for a maid or houseboy to clean house and do laundry a couple times a week. Apparently, she's hired and fired a dozen of my classmates in as many weeks, so my chances aren't good, but I'm desperate.<br />
<br />
My employer turns out to be a forty-something year old widow in possession of a self-sustaining business empire and a daughter who's a senior in high school. My employer seems like a friendly and sophisticated upper class woman, if rather eccentric. She asks me lots of questions about my life and school and often gives me cold drinks and snacks while I'm doing her work. I notice her checking me out a few times, but aside from feeling a bit flattered I think nothing of it. I also see the daughter occasionally when I come in the afternoon, but she doesn't talk to me much.<br />
<br />
My second or third week on the job, the mom brings me to her living room and tells me that my performance has been less than satisfactory. She's vague about the details of what I did wrong, but insists that she's on the brink of sacking me, which basically means I won't be able to continue my studies. The only way I can keep my job is by submitting to a punishment spanking on my bare bottom. Mortified, but without a choice, I bare my *** and get across her knee. After a very long and very hard spanking, during which she mirthfully scolds me and tells me what a bad, naughty houseboy I've been, she commands me to prove that I'm better with my tongue than I am with a broom and mop. Once I've brought her to ****** with my mouth, she tells me that she's going to take her beauty nap now, and that I should finish my work and leave on my own, but that I can expect another spanking next week.<br />
<br />
In pain, apprehensive, and horny, I get back to work. A couple hours later, as I'm about to finish up, the daughter and her best friend (they've just come home from school) walk in and tell me to follow them. They take me to the daughter's room, where they tell me that unless I do what they want, she'll tell her mom that I assaulted her. So, I have to let them both spank me with their hands and a paddle, then they take turns making me eat them out while the other ***** me with a strap - on. They tell me not to *** until they say, but I'm not able to, which earns me another paddling from both of them and imprisonment until I'm ready to ****** again, at which point I'm made to **** them both.<br />
<br />
From that point on, I'm the sex slave of both the mother and the daughter, neither of whom have any idea that the other is also using me (and if I want to keep my job, I need to make sure they don't find out). Things get harder when the mom starts spanking me with a wooden hairbrush, which leaves bruises that I need to make up excuses for to the daughter. Eventually, the mom tells me that she never wanted a domestic worker at all, but rather that she's long dreamed of having a truly unwilling boy-toy to dominate, and was going through houseboys until she got one she was sufficiently attracted to. It gets even raunchier when the daughter starts throwing sleepovers for all her friends and using me as a party favor, and when the mom starts loaning me out to her friends in exchange for a day or two with their own houseboys.<br />
<br />
<br />
I have a ton more, many of which are on their way to being full length stories. If you friend me, I'd love someone to bounce my erotica off of as I develop it.

Now that is a very good plot. You should definitely develop and publish this!

Excellent detail hellball and meandyou49, sounds pretty hot!

I'd like to get caught by a group of young girls while walking on a trail in the woods. I would be naked and they would laugh at me and take pictures of me. They would tell me that they're going to tell on me if I don't do what they want me do. They would make me ********** while they watched and teased me then they would tie my hands behind my back and take me back to their campsite. There are more girls and few guys. They make me suck the guys ***** and then make me JO again. They keep me as their naked slave until they're ready to leave. As a parting gift I get to make love with the girl of my choice while the rest watch.

Okay, my single craziest fantasy. I have a lot of kinky fantasies, but this one is by far the most outlandish combination of fetishes.<br />
<br />
I have a suite of rooms in my house that I keep locked and secret. Inside of it lives a hermaphrodite slave. She looks like a very tall (like, 6'4'' or so), thirty-something year old nordic woman, with long blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and a figure with just a little bit of chubbiness and a good deal of muscle. Also, enormous, grapefruit-like breasts and a titanic, shelflike ghetto booty. She sometimes has a penis (nice and thick and well formed), sometimes a vagina (shaved and clean), and sometimes both; she can change this at will. She never speaks, but makes lots of vocalizations.<br />
<br />
I stalk innocent girls (mostly young ones, like 18-20 or so) and either lure, trick, or force them into my house. There, I throw them into the locked suite and let my gender-changing guest have her way with them for hours or days...or even weeks. The suite is well stocked with ropes, handcuffs, whips, paddles, and all manner of bondage and spanking themed toys, which my herm-pet is always eager to subject her victims to mercilessly. Whenever I feel like it, I join in on the fun, helping the herm dominate the girl and add to her humiliation (or punish the herm to rile her up and make her really angry and horny before leaving the two alone again, so that I can be sure the girl will get a very brutal spanking and *******). I keep the girl well fed and groomed, and she never sustains serious or lasting injuries. When we're done with her, I release her back on the streets and start hunting again.<br />
<br />
The hermaphrodite is actually a very intelligent being; smarter than I am, probably. She just likes being a pet, and I'm totally fine with that. The girls we play with generally learn to like it by the end of their stay as well.

I love this...My kind of fantasy, except for sometimes i like to take turns, sometimes id like to be the hermaphrodite

I'm reading this thread hellball, although it might take me a while to get to it. mmm spanking..and tacossonmejores, thanks for sharinf, yours is not a fantasy I can relate to but different strokes for different folks and a fantasy is a fantasy

i have one where a anorexic chick is being forced on a bed by a plump thick girl. and the plump girl sits on top of the anorexic girls chest and starts crushing her. you can hear the moans of the plump girl and the screams of the anorexic girl as her ribs begin to snap and crack and she coughs up blood and dies when her rib cage is caved in from the plump girls fat ***. then me and her **** on top of the anorexic chicks lifeless body. there. thats mine

Old thread, I know, but I have so many kinky fantasies these days I was tempted to post. I have a huge spanking fetish, both for giving and recieving. I'll post more about it if there's anyone still reading this thread.

I have many secret fantasies. One of them is having sex with a classy mature lady. I take her out for a diner, flirt and spoil her with compliments. By the time we get home is easy as anything and this classy somehow reserved lady becomes an animal in bed.

Please do velvet tongue. The dirtier the better.

My fantasy is to have several very hot and horny women ********** as they watch me getting gangfucked by a group of all HIV positive men, and every one shoots his aidscum right in my *** as the women order them to do it and encourage them to infect me and call me names and humiliate me. I just want them to watch something I've already done at the bathhouse countless times. I already have aids so might as well have fun.

have you read any of my stories? i will look at yours

have you read any of my stories? i will look at yours

read my sexual fantasy on my profile and id love to hear any stories u have. pleaseee do mea favor and comment with ur inner most thoughts after u read my story. the dirtier the better

I've enjoyed two women in bed with me, Now it's time for me to be the ****. One **** in my *** and one **** in my mouth. How many? How long? I've had ****** and such up my butt, but never a real ****. I want to have a real **** in my *** and get it well and truly ******.

wow, well, I already write about a lot of them but hmmm, it is true I have other inerests...

love to date a women who would dress up as a school girl tight jeans pretend to be in my class and act up i would make her stay after class . she would really need to use the bathroom and keep asking and begging. the more she got up and danced in desperation i would be forced to hold her down. then when she is totally desperate i would spank her on my lap before she could leave to have her poop or pee her pants with fear as i spanked her on my lap. to make her ashamed of what she did in her pants. she would do anything for me not to tell would love to make her have oral sex with me and strait sex and 69 sex and rim josbs till she was a pole of sweaty *** stained poop and pee and i get to make her do it all over agian ta da . [ a fantasy concent game playing not forced sex ]

Wish I had tokens--I have plenty cooped up in me.

Hi Christina, check the stories I've posted and watch for new ones too. hmmmmm - should I write about some of my hetero experiences as well?

being ''smothered'' by Christina while she tells me what a wonderful lover her husband is and that's why her kitty tastes so,,,um,,,fresh. ''Wouldn't I like to lick a little deeper, get it all?'' You then continue the face rub in your front row seat and watch while I J/O.

message me on my ep account and i'll send you some.

But we'd like to hear yours!

I would love to have sex on the 18 green of a golf course

Mmmmm....my secret fantasy is for NaughtyChristina to do alllll her naughty things to me! Of course, I would be more than willing to return the favor... :)

love to share fantasies with you, love erotic stories about those fanatsies also! love them the nastier than are...

we are in our 50's and still finding something new to fantasize about. we have done so many and helped other acheive their's as well love to share with you if you like. see our album kjohnsc@hotmail.com

that's sounds really good, i am 31 and hope when i get to your age to say the same

I have a number of diffferent fantasies. <br />
One is to be on a web cam beeing told in every nasty detail what to do. Sometimes I would like many people looking other times just one.

Oh me too!! My secret confession (I know wrong place) is watching...*blushes*