This Week's Top Sex Fantasy

I think about sex all day long. I am a sexual beast and I'm sexually creative in a slutty way and I'm also a really great ****. I've had really hot sex fantasies that I jerked off to whenever I didn't have any **** with me. ******* a hot babe, ******* two hot babes, watching them **** each other, getting ******* ****** by a hot babe. And when I'm in gay mode I fantasize about a hot young black guy with a 10 inch monster ****. In my mouth and in my ***. ******* me soft and ******* me rough. ******* in my *** and on my face. French kissing like we're two teenage girls kissing their first ever lovers. And sometimes two of those guys and their two black monster dicks and feeling one in my mouth and the other in my *** at the same time.

And here is my newest gay fantasy:

A gay **** foursome. Me and an 18 year old cute hot white boy big black **** **** just like me. And two hot young black dudes packing two 10 inch black monster dicks. A black ***** white gay foursome with two black tops in total control of their two white ****** ***** boys. They tell us to do whatever they want and we do it. We start with them on the couch and us standing and facing them and they tell us to make out like we're in love and then take each other's clothes off. And when we do that they tell us to turn around and wiggle our white boy ****** ***** like we were two slutty girls. And dance for them like we're strippers. And tell them we're both white ****** boys who love big black **** and can't wait to get ****** by those two 10 inch bbcs. They make us take turns sucking each other off and licking each other's ******** and then they get naked like us and each one picks one of us and tells us to get on our knees and suck their dicks. Then they both stand up and tell us to both suck one bbc together and then do the same thing with the other one. And then they both jam their dicks in one white mouth and then in the other. They ask each of us which one of them each of us likes the most and let us pick our bbc patners for a while. Then we both suck their dicks on our knees with no hands and only our mouths and they make us look up at our black top lovers and right into their eyes with our eyes wide open and their bbcs in our mouths. My top likes it soft so he smiled at me then and caressed my head tenderly as I sucked and licked his 10 inch monster and we both feel a sexual connection between us at that moment. Unusually intimate for two strangers who just met each other less that an hour earlier.

But the other black dude likes it rough and likes to degrade his white boy *******. He grabs his blonde hair hard and slams his head back and forth to make the white ***** gag on that 10 inch bbc. He makes the white boy tell him that he's a ****** **** ***** who loves that 10 inch bbc and that his black master can do whatever he wants to him so long as he ***** him real good too.

So we're both lucky that we both picked the right partner since I like it soft and he likes it rough and we both don't really like it the other way around. So I'm french kissing my hot black lover with incredible passion and lust while he's gagging on his lover's 10 inch bbc **** and getting his hair pulled so hard that it hurts him a little, and we both couldn't be any happier!

They make us beg them to **** us. Get on our knees and lick their ******** and finger **** each other and they make us tell them about every bbc we've had in our lives and every other gay lover too. They act like they might not want to **** us because we don't want their bbcs in our *** enough and they're so good at it that I believed them for a minute or two.

So we beg them more and with more lust and desperation and they finally say yes they'll **** us but they make us agree to some conditions. They say that they and not we get to decide how to **** us and when to change positions and we both say yes to that. They also say that they can switch off and take turns ******* each of us and doing it the way they want to. And that they can tag team each of us and make us suck one of their dicks while getting ****** by the other one at the same time. Of course we said yes to all of these!!

And they wanted two more things - they both wanted to shoot their loads all over our faces and then watch us kiss each other with their **** on our faces and in our mouths and then lick all the **** from their two dicks. I never did that before and I think that taking a face full of another guy's **** is the most slutty and demeaning sexual act there is. But that's what also makes it such a hot experience - or so I assumed (and I found out that night that I assumed right). So I said yes to that and so did my white ****** buddy.

But I said no to their last demand which was that neither of us could come until they did. If I'm gonna let a guy stick his **** in my *** I want to come when I want to and I know when that is - it's when his **** is all the way in my *** and I tell him to stay still and not move his **** or the rest of his body so I can totally relax my *** and feel his 10 inch **** inside me with total relaxation. I jerk my **** or he does it for me when I'm in that relaxed state and I stay that way until my **** shoots out of my 8 inch ****. And I'll tell all you readers who like to get assfucked that they need to try doing this the next time they get ****** because ******* in that state of total relaxation will feel a thousand times more pleasurable than any ****** any of you has had in your entire life. You'll see that I'm not kidding after you do it once. And if you want more proof then buy a 10 inch ***** and **** yourself with it the next time you jerk off and don't let yourself come until your *** i totally relaxed and not pushing back on that ***** or squeezing it at all. That's the way every bottom should come every time he (and she as well - every girl knows if she is or isn't an asswhore and if she is then she knows what I'm talking about).

When I have sex fantasies I can visualize the sex very clearly which makes ******* off a lot of fun for me. And every fantasy has its hottest moments. And in this one there are two that I think are the hottest of all. The first is when I'm on the couch getting ****** with my legs spread wide and my hands on my top's shoulders and we're kissing passionately he ***** me. And the other black guy is slamming his 10 inch **** in and out my white ****** bottom partner's *** and he's screaming from the pain or maybe the pleasure and probably from both at once - and they're ******* so close to us that our bodies are touching. I'm kissing my lover and every once in a while I look at the other couple as they **** and I make eye contact with the other white guy and we lock our eyes for a while to see each other's facial expression as we're both getting ****** - and we're getting ****** really really good too - and we both feel another sexual connection right that. A sexual connection but not between two gay lovers - it's a sexual connection by two guys not having sex with each other because they're both having sex with the hot black guy with the 10 inch **** that they - and we - have been wanting all of our lives. And we're both having it right then and as we watch each other getting ****** and loving it, we both get so hot - just as hot as we would if we were ******* together. And both of us want nothing more than to kiss each other as we're being ****** by the man of our dreams. And that must be one of the hottest sexual moments anyone can ever have.

And the two of us are also kissing passionately in my other hottest fantasy visual, both of us with the **** of our black lovers on our faces and in our mouths and which we taste as we lock tongues and we lick from each other's face and swallow and we don't stop kissing until we've licked ourselves clean before we both do the same thing to the big black dicks what were in our *** and shot their loads on our faces from the pleasure they felt when they ****** a white ****** bbc *****. And now they know that a white ****** bbc ***** is the hottest **** that any black dude with a huge monster black **** can ever have.

Hope you all liked my story. And if any of you has lived this in real life and not in your fantasy world like me, please email me and tell me all about it.

blacktopchaser blacktopchaser
46-50, M
Jan 8, 2013