How I secretly wear diapers can become WE are secretly wearing diapers :P

I Just Love The phrase:
I secretly wear diapers

And how it can easliy become we are secretly wearing diapers without even talking about it... much

It states so well how I treat the diaper thing.

I secretly wear diapers, you can interpret that in so many ways!

You secretly wear diapers if you:
-don't want the whole world to know you're doing it.
-might be incontinent and dependend on them but keep that a secret because you are ashamed, making a point out of that..
-cannot defend the fact you don't really need them when asked about them
-get off on wearing them and you secretly know it
-are standing in an outrageous crowd at a concert and everyone needs to pee and you just keep on smiling sheepishly behaving like there's no limit (but you CAN get your satisfaction ;p )
-keep it from your partner
-want to go out in public acting out your sense of total liberation, (where others need to interrupt it to find a toilet)
-like having a secret waiting to be discovered
-want to act or come across as normal hygienic well groomed person, while still messing things up from time to time, but all is legal, after all what else are diapers made for??
-want to play in public for your own pleasure, going in naughty places and odd situations, while being absolutely sure all is taken care of and you can dicard it any moment, saving lots of cleanup, embaressing situations, and also lots of totally uncool consequences as far as relationships with people you meet, friends, partners go..
-know they are just a part of your life that's too personal, to involve your partner with, but one day will share, and because you kept it a secret, didn't let it **** up your sexlife, know the true purpose wich is relief, letting go, and total relaxation extended. Wearing aa diaper is not excactly like having sex, but sometimes it really comes close, but stays personal enough to keep embracing it instead of being grossed out by the unforgiving mess(es) you made earlier. Much less confronttion and very well integrated in society.
-want to know something or feel they don't know or feel, while keeping your normal pace in life. It can be quite a triumph and feel very secure and safe, nomatter how harsh the situation is you're in.
-want to keep life exciting

At the same time it's neet and tidy, very convenient on the other hand at some other moments it's freakin naughty. I don't know I just don't feel guilty bout wearing them, and only a handfull people know it, let alone all the details.. 
And the best thing about it is; you don't do yourself or anyone around you harm with it! It's not a bad thing you know, like taking drugs or something, or stepping out of line. And it's always comforting to be able to say to yourself it's ok to wear them, it's just a well designed piece of clothing, with a built in function wich it potentially can fulfill totally, up to it's job haha. 
And nobody really makes a point of it as long as you don't force them on involvement with it. In the past she would be part of my fantasies, and time and time again found myself in situations where I lay in my stained bed wearing stained clothes making out with her, not able to take my undies off because I could not get off without them on while ******* her, if she touched the dirty spot or joined me sleeping in my pee spot, I would grant value to it, I stopped doing that and life has been getting better and better :-) 

In the years i've changed alot, took it to a whole different perspective, made it personal again. 
So personal that in the past few dates I had with 2 different girls I could introduce them as a part of myself.
I've known them for more than 10 years, but we lost contact back then.

And now 2 in a row, spend a week with the first and two weeks later a weekend with the second one. 

The first girl is sortof a wicked blonde, very pretty compact girl with killer figure with a really nice *** and good be very good actor! Because she's SHARP
She's very intelligent but also has adhd like symptomes, nd her social intelligence has not fully developped yet, where mine has, it was a energetic combionation, and has trouble getting to sleep at night and some trouble relaxing. I found out the first night, she's also aa little pee shy, holds on untill the last moment, and talks about it, she says things like:
I really need to pee, but I don't want to go to the toilet... yet, oh well I'll just hold it.
She's also very dominant about things, kind of bratty at times, quite complicated, but I love playing with that.. very attractive in a way..

One time she explicitly told me she needed to GO NOW, and ran off to the tiolet, I heard the hissing, 3 or fout pretty long and most of all hard burst came out of her, peeblasting the glazing off the toiletbowl. You could hear she really pushed out the last one.. o you know how it goes, while hearing her sounds, the movie plays in your head..
What was also prominent, was she seemed to act the pee shy part, and you could tell she secretly liked it and I could witness it, be part of it. She really let me come close, admitted in indirect ways she was really looking forward to that ultimate relief (wich I think it is), but wanted to make it as special as possible.

And in that behaviour, I recognised ALOT in how I go about it!
In my habits, I extend things further, have taken the whole thing apart and optimised it, I feel satisfied with the way it is now in almost every way, and just get my need met, for me it's like resetting, making me feel reborn alot of the times.

It's just the most conveinient habit one can have as far as I'm concerned!
But she and I we are on the same path in ways..

The only difference is; she doesn't know how much it suits her, and how much more relaxed she will be without having to take sleeping pills, and adhd medication, filling one hole with another.

So here's the thing:
Right before the first date before I would visit her at home, I put some time in deciding what to wear.
And this is what my intuition did: I last minute took off my pants and quickly installed a goodnites disposable under my clothes, my **** waas facing downwards as always, and I was sure nobody would notice it I did not tell anyone and if I didn't pee in it.
I was certain, this could not go wrong!
Besides that, it was also ment as a kind of 'chastity belt' (NL: kuisheidsgordel ), because I knew there was little chance of hitting it off in a sexual way, after all we were friends from waaay back in the festival days, where I met her.
So I also knew she wouldn't put me off either, the more I thought about it the more it fitted in! So nice.
So I went to her house, and we had a good time, talking saing what was on our minds.

When the urge to pee became distracting after a coulpe of hours drinking and catching up, I just went for it I stould up and before I peed I undid my belt and pants lowered them and showed the to her, I just showed her my secret, because I just knew she would take it well!
And she did!
I also told her it was good chastity belt so she wouldn't have to worry about us having sex that night, so she could relax some more.
I said they just feel soo good around your bum and crotch, and that they are just the best thing to wear if you want to relax and be carefree for a while..

You will never believe what she said, or I couldn't believe my ears:
I whish I had the same, in a totally convinced tone of voice.
I want that too!
That was EXCACTLY the thing I wanted to hear, and my intuition hadn't left me because I becaame PREPARED, I just had made sure for just in case the ingredients where there, I grabbed in my bag and got her her first ever goodnite... just flawless haha and boy did it feel just so normal, natural, did she take that well, and using it as a tool to steer away fron sex, while knowing how incredibly naughty and intimate it really is, and she could get away with it because there isn't really a stigma on using a diaper for comfort...

She also said; it's not that i want to jump you now.
we didn't have sex and I didn't stay over for the night, but the thing I did do, was hand her a goodnite for girs, and she gradually took it.
And she wore it!
Slept in it, and told me about it the next day when I was over at hers again.
She said it indeed did feel very secure and safe, -at the same time grabbing her crotch to assist her story- and that she had a 'good night'

Inside I was over the moon. This part I haven't discovered yet!
It's just a world of difference between;
letting her know you secretly wear diapers, and telling her that's the way it is so accept it belongs to me and don't judge me for it.
Taking some chick you met at the club home, and land up in bed for 24 hours i which you get your fix. I just involved them in my fetish by peeing myself little by little, often in boxers that were not totally clean yet. I always looked for the right aroma to be accumulated around my crotch. Small skidmark seaaled te deal.
And then it was gambling, would she go along or would she anti-climax on me?
Most went along but up untill a certain point, they fell back into their programmed mode, or became too stressed to be inhibited enough.
It was just too much, I never really got satisfied, because she could never act out my fantasy, because this is what my fantasy was:

Finding out her secret. And together in a sort of spontaneous dance of love discover oneanother, taking it sloooooo...ooooowly but surely. Playing pingpong, playing out roles, totally not rehersed, daunting eachother, taking off your make-up. Show me the whole cycle of life, of recycling. Show me how you eat, sleep, keep, play, release, make it as if you had to watch it in your memory theater later..

Okay so that didn't happen on that date I was talking bout, because that believesystem I had back then was based on satisfaction, and no, .. I could get no... It rarely barely worked out, and I never felt totally right! Made me feel more alone instead of connected.

So I changed that, from satisfaction, like a goal you'll never reach.. to meditation or recuperating.. It's alot healtier, and you master the art of letting go, that's a good trait to have!

So I will tell you the second special 'adventure', (or the next scene of the movie of my life) one other time, because I tend to not write for a long time and when it has to go it has to flow and all comes out at once. (i am talking about writing you pervert ;-) )

But to finish the last one, I gave her a total of 3 diapers.
And she was totally sure of herself all the 3 times she would 'own' them and wear them.
One night she talked to me about them being too tight around her ***, and layed herself down on the couch to mimick strapping herself in a real diaper, and she could very well remember the days she wore them and you could tell. She associated all the good things straight away, and forgot about the bad things, just convinced, very nice to be a witness of. (offcourse her problem was she did that with alot of things...)

She said laughingly; soon we will sit here next to eachother both in our diapers every night acting funny.. 
I could imagine... and she could too, she did and very well..
Later that night I had enough of the stressy energy she projected, and walked over to my bag and lowered my pants right in the livingroom, and spread out my real diaper, which could hold 2 full bladders with pride, I just had found some new really good ones:

Just perfect, soft no leaks, still discrete (as far as that goes with 2 liters in them), just a full on adult diaper, like you getting serious about it.
I never gave her one, because I thought the medium model might be too big for her and I only wanted her to get perfect fit.. 
What I did do was change into one in front of her nose while she ran to the curtains to close them hhaha, that just dramatises things.
And right before I finally left after a long good night! I stood at the top of the stairway facing her laying in bed, rounding things off.. I was leaning on the stairpost, and just told her I was peeing and about how awesome and hot it felt.. She asked me surprisingly; do you go in them?? Yes offcourse, what else are they for, theyre made for this, I can really relax right in front of you without showing you my privates, without making avances, taking care of myself.

And before this there had been an incident which made me think she was into it even more;
She always held it in until nearing critical levels. nd then she waited till the flow she or we were in was one of relief, like finally you ve solved alittle puzzle, had an insight, you know when you accomplish something in an conversation, and you thing sssshhhh haaaa what a relief.
So she FINALLY thought she had solved some issue in her life by talking to me about it, so she relaxt, ran to the bathroom saing, now I REALLY have to go! SHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSS ssss 
She came back saying I almost didn't make it, REALLY, and repeated that minutes later.... 
got me so f*king HORNY

Anyway I'm really glad I finally have something personal I can really share in a more natural way.
It's just so nice to know there are even better areas in life which can be a real life 100% spontaneous dating adventure 

Had some good times when I got home! 
Still do hehe

Hope you did too, while reading this
makes my day 

with love

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