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I Seduced My Wifes Best Friend

i came home from work (second shift) one night and my  wife said her best  friend  called and asked if we could come and give her a jump start .her battery had gone down and the car wouldn't start. I said sure and we went over to her house .i hooked  my jumper cables up and her car started right up and i went aaround and leaned in the window she turned toward me and said thanks and while she was close to me like that i impulsivly Kissed her on the lips. she gasped and then pulled me closer and kissed me back.she  is a very well endowed woman and i was standing there kissing  her and feeling her lovely breasts. I told her wow we are going  to have to do something about this.we are so hot  for each other. she nodded and said i know . i have been wanting you for a long time.i said i will see you later and we will do something about that.
i unhooked my jumper cables and put them back in my car and slammed the hoods down on both wife said do you think her car will run alright now. i said yes for right now it should . so we backed out and went back home.

about a week later i was in my way home  from work and stopped by (i'll call her linda) lindas  house and went up an knocked on her door.
she came to the door and invited me in and i took her in my arms and began kissing her.she melted against me and breathlessly told me to take her to the bed room.once there we were both so anxious that it was only seconds till we were both naked and i held her sweet soft willing body against mine.
we laid down on the bed and began kissing and feeling all over each other.she went down and started kissing my hard member and sucked it into her mouth and i gasped at how good it felt soon i could feel the pretture  building and she said wait i want you to *** in me.
she laid back and spread her legs wide to give me access to her and i slipped it into her and began pumping it i and out till i felt like i was going to burst .it came all at once in a huge throbbing flood.filling her till it trickled out around my shaft and dribbloed in a puddle on the bed sheet.she was keening and breathless *** we both came down from the high of mutual fulfillment. i lay down beside her holding her close kissing her and fondeling her and telling her how hot and sexy she was and how good it was with her. i dressed and left and went home to my wife. many times after that linda and i had some really good times in bed together. 
aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 7 Responses Sep 18, 2010

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That's hot !

yes and she was such a sweet loving little girl too.she was a tiny thing. about 4 feet -7 . Quite an arm full in bed tho.

4'7" that long ago she would have been have been perfect for role play

That's a lovely experience, sounds so good

as alwqays i need to remind people that i am now a trans gendered person . this story took place 50 years ago when i was very young and still in my male gender mode.

That's very cool i love ******* older women myself also . they are sweet ....

and it is/was the truth too. later she met a nice guy and they were married. <br />
i was glad she found some one to love and care for her. she was a good friend and a great lover too.<br />
(not after she was married tho)we never resumed or sexual relation ship.

That was one very hot story.<br />
Very well written.<br />