She Chased Me, Then I Pounced On Her. ;)

Years ago, I met a young lady. I liked her okay, but things didn't click like I really wanted them to. After I thought we had called it all off and we both went our own way, she surprised me, by showing up at my door in tears.

One thing led to another and to console her, I held her and hugged and that soon turned into kissing. Before we knew it, we were undressing each other and I'm glad we didn't split, like I figured we would. She had amazing boobs. I soon found out, she had the sweetest body underneath her clothes, both inside and out.  

For the next few years, things progressed even further. I used her and she used me, but I was the driver and she was my willing participant, for the most part. 

I really miss her now. She was so warm, someone I could really get hot with, under the covers and enjoy hour on-end with, one day after another, except for one thing. She was broken emotionally, due to family issues and no matter how I tried to cheer her up and love on her, not just sex, but really be close to, she couldn't get out of the depression and moping that always brought her down when I wasn't making love to her.

As soon as I pulled away, to leave, she regressed back into that dark bottomless pit. Often, I would go over and surprise her and she would be crying on the couch or just laying there, like a limp rag, until I  got her to laughing and was playful with her. Somehow, the one sure thing was just to drag her to the bedroom and have my way with her gorgeous body. She would perk up, but would lose it all when I had to leave, for one reason or another. I had other things in my life, like work and occasionally seeing my folks. 

Eventually, we drifted apart, which is a great loss, but she somehow wasn't able to meet me halfway or hold it together and get beyond that depression.

Time with her was something l will always remember and wish things had turned out differently. If I had known she was that great, I would have seen things in a completely different light, when we first met. 
bamaswitch bamaswitch
46-50, M
May 10, 2012