Seduced My Neighbor's Wife

Back in college I shared an apartment next door to a young married couple with a new baby.  The baby was an accident, the marriage was hastily arranged, and they fought all the time.  The husband was a grad student in engineering, so he escaped the friction at home by working really long hours at the lab, 7 days a week, frequently until the wee hours of the morning.  I wasn't looking for an illicit affair, but I noticed that she seemed to always notice me and made comments about my tan or my strength.

As a group we frequently invited our neighbors to come along with us when we went out on the town (if they could get a sitter).  Frequently he was "busy" in the lab, so she would get a sitter for a few hours and come along.  For a while it was all good fun with a group, and I didn't really pay her much special attention.  Until one night, we found ourselves to be the last two out.  We had been drinking heavily, and as we staggered down the street we had to hold onto each other for support.  I noticed that night how good it felt to have her holding my arm and touching my waist, and I noticed how she held on a little longer and tighter than necessary.  I liked it, and I held her right back.  We didn't do anything else improper that night, but it was clear we had an attraction, and equally clear we were going to act on it.

I honestly don't recall when I first kissed her, but I do remember stealing kisses whenever we could.  From time to time I'd make an excuse to come over to her apartment or vice versa, and if we could we would make out for a few minutes, furious and deep kissing, then we added groping and fondling.  We finally got the opportunity to go all the way in a hotel room one afternoon.  The sex really wasn't that great -- I was so nervous.  But it was a rush that I'll never forget, and it felt empowering that we were able to share a forbidden and taboo sexual attraction.  Neither one of us ever had an illusion about being together or her leaving her husband.  Neither of us wanted that.  What we wanted was the pure physical attraction and gratification.  To be touched and kissed by a passionate lover who wanted only to feel sexual pleasure.

It ended kind of naturally after that.  We remained friends and continued seeing each other in the group settings.  We never acted on our lust again after that, but it was always an enjoyable secret that we shared.

I've often thought that it was the ideal extramarital affair with a minimum of emotional baggage or expectations -- just a shared mutual sensuality.  It was fun.
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i liked the story very well , felt nothing ficticious.

Very well expressed ! The feelings that bring together two individuals who are attracted to each other ...<br />
"To be touched and kissed by a passionate lover who wanted only to feel sexual pleasure." does make sense <br />
liked it<br />