What 11 11 Really Means

11:11 is a sign of a spiritual awakening. This isn't something for hippies or crazy people, it's something that all of us should accept. Humanity is not going in the direction it should be, and we are exhibiting nothing but destructive, and dark behavior. We all need to look inside and find out who we really are, and realize that we are one. There are too many negative thoughts and actions going on in the world today, and we need to wake up and change it before it is too late. Go towards the light and never look back!!!!
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7 Responses Jul 26, 2010

cud it also be related to meeting your twinflame??

Yes. 11:11 is also the number of twin flames.

interesting..im married but iv been seeing 11:11 for the last 6months now..

Problem is that the ones who really have to look and search themselves think they don't have to.

Well it's not about the time, really. It's just about seeing the number 11 ;)

What does it mean, if anything, for sure....who knows! All I'm saying is that it's happened to me enough to have noticed.

are you talking about more significant things happening at that time than other times? I'm sorry, but that does sound nuts. Does your time zone matter? AM or PM? What about daylight savings time?

It had happened to me for a while too! I finally researched it and this is what I found, it makes sense to me!

This has happened to me for years. Who knew?