If This Were A Household Instead Of A Country...

The repo men would be taking out the furniture., repossessing the car...

And just raising the credit limit sure as hell wouldn't make the credit scores go *up* or *stay the same*.

Of course if this were a household, common sense would say those that can put in more money do so, the brother who isn't working better well start or I'm not supporting his *** any longer and he's out. His GF, pregnant w/ her 3rd, living here better get an abortion (I'll pay for it) or she's outta here. Why should I keep rewarding bad choices?

Grandma still gets supported as does disabled Suzy in the wheelchair.

Enriquo, Jorge and Nativivad, thieves who broke in my house and are now living here, eating at my table and pretty damn vocal about their right to do so- on my dime- would be out too. Even Nativivad's son who was born here in the household and whose schooling, doctor's bills, etc. I pay for. Is there a problem with evicting them from my house? Hey deadbeat brother! I may have a job for you...
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I see you wrote this a little bit ago... How funny that we get to RELIVE it all over only with HIGHER consequences.

You got the big point out there... STOP the SPENDING!

Good post!

If this country were a household, would we want to risk paying a higher interest rate on the debt we have? Under this administration, there have been many more deportations, but the republicans refuse to work on passing any sort of immigration policy. A good plan could actually raise revenue:<br />
<br />
http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/obama-lays-immigration-plan/story?id=13575181<br />
<br />
And are we going to throw grandma and Susie in the wheelchair out on the street? Probably not. And can we increase the brother's chances of getting a job by investing in small businesses and infrastructure? Spending wisely makes sense. And anyone that has owned a business knows, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. It's called investing.

There is a lie! Eve has it wrong, there have been record releases of "undocumented" (real people call it ILLEGAL) immigrants. IT happens to be the responsibility of the ADMINISTRATION to run their departments. The immigration laws are very well documented. It takes a LEADER to follow those laws and not ignore them to control the country. It does not fall on the shoulders of one old boy's club or the other (D or R) that is another racist point of view that needs to be dismissed.

We do not need additional spending - period. The government has no responsibility for our everyday life, other than keeping the citizenry safe. Selling dead baby bodies for "science" and paying for illegal alien medical costs is not a responsibility of the Federal Government.

Lets get back to INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY and initiative. That is what made America great.

It's just not that simple. The US government is infinitely more complex than a household. There are a myriad of dependencies on parts of the budget that effect not only the national economy, but economies all over the world. At a time of high unemployment and a weak economy, balancing the budget would simply make things a lot worse, especially for those folks trying to find a job. The DOW has already taken a huge tumble in the past couple of days. These things slow the recovery and add to unemployment.<br />
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