New Beginnings

Letting go, letting a person be free, saying it doesn't work and I honestly want you to be happy. I want to be happier also. I've been living with this a while now. The hardest part is learning how to protect my heart in the future. Protect not barricade. Barricading is easy but self destructive. I need to be strong enough to allow another person in and still feel safe. I have this picture of my heart. It's wrapped in what looks like delicate gauze. This covering is soft yet deceptively strong and feels like it could stop a bullet. I can open and close it at will. For now I'll keep this picture with me to help me feel safe until my heart has strengthened on its own. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel. I can almost touch it.

warmsmyheart warmsmyheart
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6 Responses Oct 14, 2009

Thank you LCWC. It is so hard to "accept and move on."<br />
Thank you all for caring.

A real hard decision to put a stop and let go and realize it's the end..a heart knows it's calling and when the right person makes it beat fast.Fence will drop.<br />
It truly is hard to accept and move on..maybe still be friends..pray for you..

Thank you Candy. I am very touched to have loving friend.<br />
I am very appreciative.

Your heart is loved here and many of your friends hold you in their hearts.Xo cAnDy<br />
<br />
Until it's held by one special one..we all save each other.

Thanks Luv. I honestly can see the light at the end.

I am so happy to hear this warms. That is wonderful..