Move Forward In Peace Not Hate

Seems there are a lot of people that want to talk about others and judge them harshly. There is another group of persons here that have decided to be nothing more than internet trolls. Not to mention the stalkers that are out there. Yes, there has been some nasty on EP lately. However there has also been some been some good moments where we saw stronger members coming to the aid of some of the other members and it made me proud to call some of these people friends. My hats off to all of you that have been attacked.  I am proud of most of you for taking the high road. And if you haven't been one to take the high road then you still have the opportunity to do so. Just say no to the hatred and move forward.


PS: This is not directed at one particular person and is posted as general comments.

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Thanks y'all!

I know sweetie.


I can understand that. it used to be much different.

me too. i haven't been here very long, less than a year and i don't come on very much. i've talked to several people lately who are pondering whether to stay or are limiting their time here because of the atmosphere.

I am sorry to hear that cancer.

this is not turning out to be the place i thought it would be. very disappointing.

And some of it is jealousies. I am glad you are still here btw my friend.

Thanks AKA! ((hugs))

nice post FG! proud o' ya'!<br />
<br />

Exactly TRL

We can only do our best aye FG?