All My Shrinks

More like I SAW a psychiatrist in the past. My early teens were littered with shrinks-psychologists, counselors, but only one true shrink (psychiatrist). Mostly I sat silent in his office;sometimes he'd ask me stupid questions like, "How are you feeling today?" One day I asked him angrily why he believed he should charge so much; why he thought he was worth so much money. He looked sheepish and embarrassed and said to me that it was from his education and training. I never went back after that day. I'd had enough shrinkage in my past to know that he wasn't worth **** I'd go into his office, and 15-20 minutes later he'd rush me out by saying that my time was up. My early teens were filled with shrinks and counselors; I'd had a (an?) horrific wreck, but I had mind enough to leave.
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I see one of those also every two months sooner if I am having a problem all because of a place 12,000 miles west of Texas.

I see a psychiatrist on a regular...otherwise, none of my hats would fit.

I shall send a set in a pm

Would you be interested at looking at some of the questions we write answers to in Al Anon.

They help us examine our attitudes and behaviours.

@YBO1-I guess I could look at it, but my father has been dead since 1984...

Have you been to Al Anon ?

No, but I did consider it in my teens (my father was an alcoholic-in fact I come from an alcoholic family).

I went to a marriage counselor once, I told her in beginning that I hope to learn tools on how to deal with my difficult marriage. I learned nothing from her, it was like talking to the wall.

<p>I'd had a (an?) horrific wreck </p><p>Its " A " I have to ask my guy all the time which one. : )</p>

@gypsyblu-thank you.

if the next word begins with A-E-I-O-U..... YOU USE ...&gt; AN

Sounds very similar to one I saw as a child. I say "saw" for I never spoke to him.

But, couldn't blame them.. they are educated to be like that... every question they asked have a meaning behind although it may sound stupid.. but i do agree some do have attitude problem.. ^^