Psychiatrists Don't Believe Meaning They Mustn't Have Souls At All, That Is Comforting To Know: Being Doctored By Soulless Creatures


I just read an online add saying; "the key to understanding and accepting schizophrenia"

That's hilarious seriously...

Because the key to accepting the gift is understanding there is a reality outside of this one... The reality psychiatrists and psychologists deny to exist, and holding it against those who are not afraid to believe labeling them insane.

So these professionals aka doctors DO NOT BELIEVE IN A SPIRIT WORLD, and if they chastise those who do then it means that THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN SPIRITS, with that being said it is only logical after realizing that they Simply DO NOT BELIEVE in other realities than this one, that they DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE SOULS nor any one of their patients either so that gives them the right to treat people like objects in mental institutions!!!.

And what is even more funny is the fact that some of them call themselves god fearing christians, going to church and all that jazz... So if they DO NOT believe in other worlds than this one then I guess they won't be seeing HEAVEN either.

Because remember these mundane spiritually blunt morons believe when they die it is IT, just like atheists, they think there is nothing on the other side despite their "oh we are going to inherit eternal life" claims to sound all christian and sh!xt, when they want to call those who see things insane then they don't believe in a HEAVEN, that's it, and their faith is well so to say FAKE as hell, and if they can't believe in the supernatural then they can't truly believe in God which is a SUPERNATURAL ENTITY, hello... Wtf, I swear these "intellectuals" have been smoking weed affecting their judgement or something worse like coke hallucinating on the illusion of the world happy go lucky "the grim reaper will never get me" BS... Their logic they throw around clearly does not correlate with their so called beliefs in supernatural miracles, angels and heaven okay!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 25, 2012