Aura Reading

i can remember as a child seeing a hazy mist around people. it wasnt until i reached my mid teens that i started to see colours around the aura and grew to knew peoples moods weaknesses and strengths by looking at this...

evrything has an aura, wether it be human, animal rock or plant..

ive now grown to be able to heal the auric field as well, a perferated aura can let in a lot of negativity and so before healing i tend to repair and cleanse the aura so all healing works to the highest degree...

seeing aura colour can be difficult but to see the aura s a hazy mist with practice can be quite easy its just having the patience to concentrate...

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hi guys

sorry i avent been around too much but lifes been kinda busy, if your interested im starting some different classes soon in my chatroom, all you ave to do is come register on the forums everthings free


I just started aura practice, i can barely see a blue/whitish light on the outside of a person. My r eye strains easily, so i just have to cope, actually both my eyes have that problem with auras. Suggestions on relaxing my eyes? It seems that everyone has white/blue/yellow auras, i probably need practice!

That's exactly what happened to me - I grew up always seeing them, believing that everyone could. I told my sister quite often, apparently. It wasn't till my early teens that I realised what I was seeing - & that others didn't [unless I made them REALLY TRY, but even so, barely.]<br />
I still see & feel auras daily, & am still trying to learn more about this 'ability'...<br />

Me too! If you have any tips or anything, please feel free to message me!

You are so right......................everything has life.........and life is energy.vibrating.sending out thier colors.

That is amazing!!! I wish I could see that.<br />
Do you know if there are many other's that can heal aura's?<br />
I would love to find somebody but I believe most are fakes who want to rob me.

I can see energy around everyone and other things too, but also in the space of a room. I've never seen colors tho, and I find it interesting. A lot of the skills I have are intuitive. But I stopped developing them when certain things started happening. <br />
Thanks for sharing your stories. WM

Do you believe that everyone has this ability, or is this a specific gift. The only thing I've ever noticed was a few people seemed to be covered by a shadow (not sure how to describe it) but I have never seen colors before.<br />
<br />
Do different colors have different meanings.